In Glory We Return, Part 2

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"Nothing salvageable here. Damn grenade hit him square in the body. Brilliant luck that transponder survived the hit. You've got a great arm for someone of your age General.

I perform a headcount.

"Aren't we missing some people?"
I watch Hanson walk out, and notice the blood on one hand. "What happened there?"
"Slipped and fell on half a hydralisk sir."

Wells interrupts. "This distraction with the ghost has eaten up valuable time. Form up and move out."
Jaden finally sees the convict and puts all his energy into charging, while changing his ammunition type to something less lethal to put through the convicts leg.

Irene looks at Hanson then turns her attention away to the other convict. "Your brother might end up getting killed if he resists too much."\

I see that you are trying to replicate the Changeling.
"What about your daughter?"
I ask, some what uncomfortably, as I move into position.
@Zarkun: Zerg bleed red.
...I was always under the impression that it was purple...
"Protoss bleed purple, or is it blue? I'm going with blue, but that is almost purple!"
Protoss blood is indeed blue.
Oh for the days of SC1 death animations...
I'm still fairly certain there's a strain with purple blood... Ah well, I'll make this my official post then.

IC: "Watch yourself then. One wrong step and you'll impale yourself on one of the stray claws." I walk over and help Chen search the Ghost, finding his wrist PDA still mostly in one piece. "Sir, I've got his PDA right here. Might have why he was here on it."
Terri wanted to tell Irene about why she believe her brother was right... Should she? Yes. "I believe my brother is right though, even if it means killing himself to do so. It's that rush that he wants and he'll do it for everyone. So he's going to blow this place up even if it kills him to do so."


Romeo was moving swiftly but that was when he hit the ground, someone had shot him. That's when he found out that it was one of the Porter's.
Jaden smiles at the success of his shot to the leg. He goes over and pins down the convict with his giant armored knee. "You aren't going to blow anything up." He grabs the convict by the head and stares at him, he throws the convict into the wall and picks up the now unconscious man.

"Your brother is trying to murder everyone! I am surprised they even let you out of prison!" She starts yelling at the girl.
"He will only detonate the explosives once he knows that everyone is out! You of all people should know about sacrifice, you are a soldier... Act like one, for sometimes the best way to solves problems is to go against the book of rules." Terri wasn't going to stand by and let them slander them just because of their past.
I look at the two arguing. "Stow it. Now. Your brother is ignoring orders. You want out of New Folsom? You follow orders. Blowing this place has no value, and it's a waste of munitions better used to destroy the hive. Now shut up and search for anything of value."
Terri almost snapped at her Superior. "And you don't understand now do you! What if the Hive is in here? Then blowing this facility is our best bet... Then again, why should you trust us when you believe you know all the answers?"
"If the Hive is in here, oh f*cking well. One hive gone won't make a difference other than to make us feel better. Let's get the information and get the hell out. Private, restrain her."
"We're here for the information, nothing more, nothing less. If it were to exterminate the hive, command would have told us so. Your actions may jeopardize our operation and it sure isn't going to help your records. And given the time the Zerg has invaded the facility, a hive is unlikely to have develop within the premises. They are supermassive structures and the last stages of a hatchery."
Irene grabs Terri and slams her against the wall. She pins her there with her should and grabs some metal and gets started on making some cuffs.

Jaden walks back, the unconscious convict hanging over his shoulder. He holds his Gauss Rifle in one hand. What was he thinking?
The force behind Irene was powerful, as I was pinned down against something. I couldn't break free, my face in the wall pretty much. "You are all following everything by the book! And if you are going to do this to us... I guess you can't leave us behind because it will look bad on your record."

OOC: Doing Terri as First Person know.

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