Peoples and Politics Part 2

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"From what I've heard, you plan to go on a wild goose chase to find some extinct beings that, even if alive, will hate you."
I have a silent conversation with Jonathan with my comm bead, informing him to send an unmanned drone to investigate a planet that the others have found to be surrounded by some rip-field.
I shake my head. "All I'd need to know is if it's En Taro Tassadar, or En Taro Zeratul."
"Again, if you have a better idea, then we're all ears. If not, then our chase will reveal something that we might be able to use." I reply, my annoyance growing.
"I think you're a fool, or a crazy person for believing that."

I look at Tratos, "Perhaps you could stay here and prepare for the war of a lifetime?"
"Well, good for you, Gordon. Now, if you're quite done insulting him, just let him go about his business, and if it ends up to be a dead end, you can happily shout 'I told you so!' at him."
I ignore the next comment, and turn to Joey. "If not, then En Taro Adun would work, I believe. Not all of us were xenophobic." I glance back at Gordon, then back at Joey. "This should be fun."
I grumble something to myself in annoyance, and then stand up.

"Very well, good luck on your quest. Meeting adjourned."
I turn to Tratos. "I'll meet you at your ship in one hour. I need to calm Gordon down or he'll be ineffective at leading for days." I run after Gordon. "Gordon! Look, I'm sorry, but I was afraid to tell anyone."
"You....of all would be the crackpot." I say, chuckling slightly.
"Don't tell me you actually think what you said was true."
I walk out the room, and return to Arcadian space, which now was under high alert, with increased surviellence of the sub-sector in case one of the signals started coming for the system, and battlecruisers just waiting for the order to lift off.

The unmanned drone was sent to investigate the planet that had been brought up to be potentially a base of operations, and as a test was equipped with an experimental plasma shield from Space Station 13, for the known veterans of Raynor's Raiders in the populace had explained that the Rip-fields used by the Xel-Naga couldn't damage anything protected by a protoss shield.

A Nyx outfitted with a cloaking field and a fire squad under orders to survey were sent to the last known protoss-owned planets, and if they ended up finding any protoss living in or around the planet's system they would contact command and mark it on their map.
I nod. "I know what I lived through. You think Pegasus Corporations would have existed if Mengsk wasn't hiding his own dirty laundry?"
I watch Joey go after Gordon, and I leave, heading back to my ship. My bodyguard stalks behind me, keeping to the shadows as usual.
"Think that there really is Protoss in the system?" She asks.
"We won't know until we check, won't we?" I reply.
I followed the two, listening to both Gordan and Joey. "I gave out a suggestion about how to solve it what Mister Carta here is telling the truth, if in fact his memories are true... Just do a simple memory scan linking to whatever he was talking about. I know you have the technology to do that, we all do."
"Look, maybe when the enemy threatening to wipe all humanity off the face of the planet is dealt with."
"Mister Carta, a simple scan shouldn't take to long... Hell, you could take it while you go with Tratos. We already know that it's going to take some time to go there, so why don't you take it while during the trip? Just send the results after you are done. This gives more credibility towards you, plus you have the proof you need in order to... persuade people."
"This station doesn't have those facilities. If you wish to do so, feel free." I say to Vann.
I shake my head, irritated at the amount of energy I had to put forth to prove something to these people. "Fine, I'll do it. Just don't be surprised when it's right."
I give Gordan a quick stare before I returned to Joey. "Mister Carta, I am trying to help you... If you can just cooperate with use exactly like you are doing right now... We can help you, by helping us. Even you know that no one truly believed what you said, but I was interested. I was a solider before I am who I am now, and I care for the lives of billions. Look at it like this, you have an Ace up your sleeves now."
I chuckle. "I always do. Gordon, for now, forget what I said. Focus on keeping people alive and mobilize our fleets and military. Otherwise this fight is over before it began."

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