Peoples and Politics Part 2

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I gave a nod of agreement. "Now, should I come with you and use their facilities aboard their ship? Or how do you want to do this?"
"Stay and lead. You'll be needed here more than with me. I know how to run a memory scanner."
"Good... Just send me the results and I'll check over them and present them to Gordan while you are away... Happy hunting."
I sit in my seat on the Envoy, with a channel open to Fairground.
{I want the Military put on a stage four war-footing. Max, I'll be exploring a Fringe Sector to find some answers. You're in charge.} I say
{Aye sir. I'll keep our people safe while you find answers.} He replies, and I close the channel.
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Gordon, for now, forget what I said. Focus on keeping people alive and mobilize our fleets and military. Otherwise this fight is over before it began.

Waiting on you to respond to this Dac.
"I have an update," Admin Ryt-Ayrn announces. "The team positioned near the field has lost a number of expensive probes, but the data gathered is worth the loss, they assure me. A comprehensive simulator is ready for your inspection. If you would like, we can transmit it here. It is only a couple terabytes of data."
OOC: The story of the orbs. o.o
I turn to Joey.

"I shall do just that...stay safe."
I laugh. "When haven't I?" I pat Gordon's back and split off down an adjacent hall, stopping in the armory to pick up the new lasers and then go the the Wandering Star. {Envoy this is the Wandering Star. Permission to dock.}
{Wandering Star, cleared to dock in Hanger 2. The Commander is eager to get moving.} The Communications Officer on the Envoy replies.
I stand there, sort of depressed at my friends departure. Then, I walk back to my house, or, rather, mansion. Once there, I open a fine wine, and begin drinking it, drinking the whole bottle.
{Roger that.} I land in the marked hangar bay and lower the ramp, walking off and grabbing the attention of a nearby technician. "Where might I find Tratos?"
"He's on the Bridge, Deck 15." The technician replies.
I nod my thanks and head towards the bridge. Well, this is an interesting turn of events. From seemingly everyday person to the truth of my identity. I think I'm done transporting relics after this. I reach the bridge and walk in. "So...How do I go about this?"
OOC: Waiting for results of sending unmanned probes with experimental plasma shields at the planet that has the tremors around it, and sending a Nyx with a cloaking device and filled with infantrymen to investigate 'protoss' space.
"Well, the best place to start would be to not point your gun at everything. Seeing as they won't be that happy about us, we should expect being attacked, or boarded. Maybe taken prisoner." I reply back, and get on the Communication Channel.
{Station, Envoy. Release the docking clamps, please.}
"I knew that. I meant after the fact. We can't just let them take us, otherwise they'll kill us all on the spot and be done with it."
The probe which had been sent went all through many places before coming to where it was meant to be. And once there, it saw a great blue and black cloud, and dove into it, being unaffected by the field which had felled so many. And so this probe went into the clouds, deep within, and once inside it was hazy. But the probe saw a great deal of odd things, and he came to a large chasm within the clouds. The probe dove within, and saw a great being, 5000 feet in height, and 300 feet in width, with huge golden orbs for eyes, and many great mountains for teeth, and once he saw the probe, he let out a great roar, for he'd been seen. And he sent a small amount of energy, not even one tenth his true strength, and it obliterated this probe.
"Yeah, hence why we're going to try to be diplomatic. Which is why you're going to have to clamp down on your trigger finger. And if we get captured, not much we can do, is there?" I reply.
I chuckle. "No, but if they come at us, I'm shooting to wound. Killing them isn't in our best interests and dying isn't either."

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