Peoples and Politics Part 2

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I tap something on the console, and say "Well, either way, lets avoid shooting our hosts. Hopefully the troops on-board will be enough to defend the ship if we get boarded."
I nod in agreement. "That's assuming they don't run scared. Hate is a powerful thing, but so is fear."
"Indeed. Let's hope we don't !@#$ ourselves when we fight them again. We've been at the top of the hill for too long, so we're probably not ready for whatever they'll use." I joke, my tone slightly serious.
"They were top of the hill too. Every dog has his day, and theirs just may be finally coming."
The massive Conglomerate Worldship hung dead in space. All but the barest of systems disabled to avoid detection, it appeared as simply a large asteroid to a simple scan.

"Interesting. What additional data do you require?"

"None, Boardsman. I hope you are pleased with our results."

"I am very pleased. Our new friend will be far more pleased. He... it will be interested in the data we've collected."

"How much do you think it will be willing to pay? How will it pay?"

"Do not concern yourself with amounts, that is my field. You will reap the benefits even as all shall when our friend delivers. No more bowing and scraping to the feeble Terrans!"
I chuckle to myself, and say "Honestly, we've had our day on top of the hill. If Protoss came back and wanted the Hill, I'd give it to them. We've got so much to learn if we're going to survive." I signal for him to step closer to where I am sitting.
"Learn and share. I once say an Immortal with Terran armor and weapons...Aximus I think was his name. He could cast a psi storm too. He'd decked himself out pretty good."
"Seems a bit redundant to me, using Terran weapons on a Protoss machine. The bulky and ugly mixed with the smooth and elegant." I reply, wondering what had preoccupied the Station.
"The Gauss rifles were to compensate for his lack of anti air."
"That's why there's Flak Cannons." I reply, smiling. I look at the Helmsman, and say "Can you disengage the clamps from here?" He nods, and the docking clamps disconnect.
"Finally......Set course for Exectis system."
"Aye, sir." He replies.
"He also liked their rate of fire."
"Nothing is more fun then peppering your enemies with a big area-of-effect gun that breaks aircraft. Believe me, I've got over two hundred mercenaries who would rather kill themselves then give up their Flak Cannon." I reply.
"Sir, we've just lost contact with the probe." One of the workers at a computer announced to Jonathan, who was monitoring the information being relayed by the probe with great interest.

"No matter. The probe's been sending it's information live this entire time, so we can be sure we got all the information, and the mere fact the plasma shield protected it against the tremors heavily supports the theory that this is of Xel-Naga origin. Just keep taking in the data, and we'll see what destroyed the probe before long."

They did exactly as they were told, and as the monstrosity came into view the entire surviellence room froze in terror.

Was the first to compose himself, and he choked out an order. "Make a backup of this data and have it sent to the rest of the council right the f*ck now. They need to see this."

And the workers did exactly that. Gordon and the other nations were all sent a file with the information, as well as specifying that the plasma shield that had been outfitted to the probe was what allowed it to approach without dying in the first place and that it reinforced the theory that the creature was of Xel-Naga origin.
I get a message, and open the file. I watch it on the large screen in my house.

"What the hell?! I...I must be drunk, right?" But Gordon knew all too well that he wasn't. He messaged the council members.

{Emergency meeting tomorrow.}
Ryt'Ayrn listens. "Excellent work, technician."

"Thank you, Administrator. Does this confirm the theory that our new partners are the Xel'Naga?"

"No confirmation. Others could use a Rip-field, theoretically. But it strengthens the case."

He starts to walk away. "Once again, my compliments. Continue monitoring transmissions and alert me of anything of interest."
I hear the beeping and open the file, watching the video. When it finishes, I curse. "If that's a Xel'Naga, we're so screwed."
The Cerberus returns to its home. Zeia. Looking out the large window in the Palace, sees the great ship, docking in the space station in the night sky. And can't hold back a tear...
Wow, Koro. No reaction to the giant monster in that vid?
I just returned to this, I meant to leave the station but... Haven't been able to be active lately. Hoped everyone would've assumed I just left.
That's a safe assumption. Thing is, it was sent to every leader personally.

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