Peoples and Politics Part 2

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The large ship docks on the station.

"Sir, we are receiving a file. It is a video." One of the communications officers says.

"Who from?" I ask.

"The U.P.A., sir."

"Hmm, play it on screen, Captain."
The video plays, and we all see what we are facing now.
HA! In Gordon's face! The Xel'Naga are rea- Dammit. They are here...

I recieve Gordon's message of the meeting. {I'll be there.}
"Refuel and re-arm! I want this ship ready to fight by the end of the meeting tommorow."

I then walk to the hangars, and fly my personal ship to the palace to see Zeia again.
I wish I died back there... I think she might kill me...
I've done worse.
No, you haven't...
I open the video, and look at it myself. I tilt my head to the side, curious. I finally speak, saying "Well.....Interesting......" The Helmsman speaks up, saying "Four minutes until we enter the system." I nod, and turn to Joey.
"Get your poker face ready. And maybe a psi-screen, depends on who you want talking." I say, smiling. I turn on the ship-wide intercom, and say
{All personnel, to your stations. We'll be entering a possibly hostile zone. Infantry, prepare for boarders.}
The ship lands, and I see my wife. Her face is a mixture of happiness and anger.

I brace for the worst, and she runs up to me and hugs me. She whispers into my ear, "I'm happy you're home."
She pauses and the moment is silent, then she says darkly, "Do that again and I'll make you regret the day your !@# decided to creep its way out of your mothers womb..." She breaks away, hiding her tears and walks to her chambers.

I smirk and walk towards the War Room.
Damn, I love her.
I nod and activate the psi-screen built into the armor. "This could either be a long day, or a short night."
"We'll find out pretty soon." I reply.
"Sir, entering system in" The Helmsman says, and the Envoy drops into the system.
I look at the systems planets and shake my head. "Couldn't have given them back Aiur? It's all they really had wanted..."
I snort. "Yeah, we went through hell one time trying to capture that planet in the first place. I really don't think we're going to just hand over a planet to our enemies." I turn to one of the officers, and say "Run a scan of all the planets. Deep scan, all parameters."
"Aye, sir."
On a lone planet, surrounded by essentially nothing, there were signatures. Not too many, and, as it turned out, Protoss. But much more eerily, on every other planet, there were billions of signatures...the Xel'Naga's army.
I look at the readings. "Beeline for the Protoss. We might be able to persuade them easier then we thought."
"Sir?" The officer says, his voice shaking a bit. "We've found the Protoss, but we've got several billion more signatures on the other planets. Orders?"
I get up, and look at the scan results. I stand up, and turn to Joey.
"!@#$........ Set a course for them." I turn to another officer, and say "Turn on the shielding systems, and start calculating firing solutions to kill the other planets. And yes, I'm aware of the fact that the power from that gun will shut down the ship temporarily. Just get it done."
The officer swallows, and says "Yes, sir."
On the planets, billions of Zerg signatures disturb, waking from slumber. Not the Xel'Naga's personal army after all....right?
"Enable the point-defense systems, and try to open a line to the Protoss. If what I think is happening, then we're deep in !@#$. And hold the ship's position." I relay to the officers.
I watch the unknown signatures change and curse. "Tratos, forget wiping the other planets, we'll never make it if we do that. We need to reach the Protoss."
I get up, and glare at Joey. "You do realize that I'm more worried about the signatures on the other planets than the Zerg?" I turn to the Communications Officer, and say "Is that damn line open yet?"
"Wait one......Channel open." He replies.

{En taro Adun, any Protoss on this channel. This is Tratos of the Outcasts. Please respond, over.} I say, then mute the mic, and say "Someone run a scan. Can we fire on the Zerg without hitting the Protoss, or are they together?"
"Scanning....." A reply comes.
I check the pistols and then activate the helmet, it enveloping my head. "You realize that the Zerg are likely to board us as soon as they finish waking up, right?"
"Why do you think that A. We aren't approaching the planet anymore and B. All the shields and Point-Defense Guns are online?" I reply.
Oops... Forgot about this.

IC: I walked around...

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A monstrous beast was being corralled back into its pin, it was a fearsome creature and its children were being used to study on... They fought back but we fought harder. The records on the computers said that these creatures in this facility that we found were called... Zerg.
I shake my head. "Against that many Zerg? And that many unIDed? Might as well use a fly swatter."
"We'll just warp out of the system if they start breaking the shield quickly." I reply.
As the conversation was going on, a single large flock of Mutalisks flew out from one of the planets, making a beeline for the ship.


Gordon sent another message reminding all to send a diplomat. It read,

"Everyone, please meet tomorrow morning to discuss recent findings with this power source."

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