Peoples and Politics Part 2

Joeyray's Bar
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I glance out and notice the mutas. "Frak, mutas. And that's a lot of 'em."
I turn around to the monitor, seeing the mutalisks. "Well, shoot. Try the channel again, and all guns get ready to engage. I want the shielding at full setting. Nothing goes through it. Aye?"
"Aye!" A reply comes from the officers.
I head for the door to the bridge. "Where's the guns?"
Suddenly a thought passes through Joey's head. It was a Protoss, that much was certain, and must have been coming from the planet ahead.

"Humans...what are you doing in this place? Hath thou come to spread the seed of destruction once more?" As he hears this, the first Mutalisks split off into two groups, and begin encircling the ship.
"All occupied." I reply, and walk over to another screen, a scan on the planet and the Zerg locations along with the Protoss locations.
I freeze. Wasn't what I expected. En taro Tassadar. We aren't here to destroy you, we're here to ask for your help and maybe off what help we can.
"Bah, humans offering help...when has that happened before? We Protoss are not sheep to be blindly led into the middle a wolf pack, human."

The Protoss planet showed minor increased activity, while the Zerg planets were going crazy, seemingly in preparation for a massed attack to doom the ship.
I'm being honest. If you doubt me, search my memories. I have no ill will to any Protoss.
"Perhaps not you, but most of humankind otherwise. Such as Raynor, he had no ill will either, but that didn't prevent the humans from waging war on our kind."
"Sir?" An officer says, his voice shaky. I turn back to the scanners, and see the activity.
"Get the drives ready. We might need to back out fast." I reply, and my Navigation officers relays it.
Mengsk made mistakes. He's dead now. Please, we need your help. The Xel'Naga are out to kill us all.
"Oh, funny how you screw us over, then when you need help you come to us... You let our kind nearly die off to the Zerg, why help you? Who says we can help you?"
I'm only a few years to this place. I'm not from around here as I'm sure you saw in my memories. You are the Firstborn of the Xel'Naga. If anyone were to understand them, it would be you.
"Understanding is one thing, but defeating is another. Besides human, we could not help you regardless. All of us are on this planet, and we can spare none from it's defense."
Then bring them all with us. I can get you back Aiur. There are no Zerg left there, it's like it should be.
"Except with humans that would wish to kill us? I'll tell you this, come back with a huge fleet, that's the only way to get us out, and then we shall come for now, goodbye."
Wait, please! I feel the presence leave my mind and curse. "We're going to need a larger fleet before they'll talk to us."
I glance at Joey, my head tilted in question. "How do you know?"
"I forgot their ability to communicate psionically over great distances. Give you three guesses as to what just happened in my head."
I ignore the guessing, and say "A bigger fleet? Are they expecting us to dig them out?" I turn to the display, and say "If they wanted us to dig them out, I would have just deployed the Firestorm rounds on the other planets." I sigh, and say "Alright. Set course for the Station."
"Drives ready, co-ordinates set." I hear in reply.

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