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She's not even slightly surprised by the fact that I can bring people back from the dead? *sigh*

The Captain's voice comes over the PA.

"Attention, all Reapers. The Doctor requests that you join him in room 14 for dinner. He would like to discuss the results of the mission with you."

OOC: THis is the part where everyone will see Makenna alive and freak out.

Room 14 is a spacious storage area that has been refitted with a large table and some perhap too-fancy fixtures.
Allysa stops firing, and listens to the announcement. She holsters her SMG and starts making her way to Room 14.
I set aside the deactivated cluster bomb I had been tinkering with even though I don't have any tools, and head off to room 14.
...Does nobody care about a Reaper that was critically wounded and is barely walking...... I'm being ignored... I think I may have the Infinity Curse in this RP. :\
You aren't being ignored, you would have been transported to the medical bay.
Allysa stops where she was, still some distance away from Room 14. She remembers that there was someone injured in the drop-ship, and begins making her way towards the hanger. Arriving at the hanger, she walks into the drop-ship and finds Alexander onboard. She walks over to him, and says "Need some help?"
Zarkun, none of you even done that at all... I was left there by myself.

IC: I saw the woman approach me, I was finally glad for another damned soul to arrive. "I would like that, it's hard to walk when I'm by myself... Those !@#$%^-s left me here!"
Allysa smiles and carefully picks Alexander up. "One of these days, I'm going to have to ask to see if I can get some medical training." She starts slowly walking off the ship, and asks a guard where the medical bay is. He gives some directions, and she starts making her way to the Medical Bay.
"You know what..." He smiles as well. " are not like the rest of these !@#$%^-s that I have to be with... You actually care what *!@#ing happens to us poor people who are left behind to fend for ourselves aboard a drop ship for all eternity."
As Makenna gets out of the shower she starts wondering, How the f*ck am I alive?! I was dead! What the hell kind of experiment was performed on me? She hears over the PA and dresses. She equips everything but her jetpack and her helmet.

Terrance heads towards the room.
Allysa nods, and they arrive at the Medical Bay. She puts Alexander down on a bed, and gets the attention of a Doctor. "He needs a bit of help." She says, and watches the Doctor go to work, and leaves the bay, continuing back to Room 17.
I turn to Jenny.

"I'll bet your not too hungry right now, still probably in shock...but food will be good for that." I say, starting to make my way to this room where dinner was being help.
Finishing up with my combat training in my personal ship, I exit and head for the Doctor's office, intent on getting more information from him on this Ben Quill. Odd that command would ask me to watch him without something to indicate why.
"Captain, please bring the... ah, the Ghost operative to me. I have something I wish to discuss with him before dinner."

The Captain opens the door and Zack is standing there.

"Well, that is convenient. Please come in."
I walk in and lean against one of the walls, my helmet removed for the time being, so that I could get my point across. "Why does Command want me watching Quill?"
"Mr. Quill is an... interesting character. Some of the data on him is a little too classified for your eyes, or mine for that matter. I assume the reason you are watching him is because he is a psychotic killer. Try not to let him be alone with the other Reapers, he makes them look like loving, carefree souls. I was actually going to ask you to watch him, so that settles that. Now..." I rise. "Let's go eat."
"Well, in that case, I'll make sure he's too busy to be alone with the other Reapers." I stand up and follow the Doctor. "I trust Command has asked you to explain why you left so many reapers on the planet below?"
I look at him indignantly. "I did not leave them. They failed to reach the extraction point before the Zerg overran the area. It was not my fault at all, and unfortunately until we acquire some additional technologies, which is part of the plan, I am unable to extract people's bodies from that sort of mess. Simply put, the drones couldn't get to them."
"They still view it as you left them there. They had time."
"I find it surprising that you care... but perhaps your Command does not know the full extent of the situation. Believe me, this project goes all the way to the top, and I mean all the way. A few Reapers is a small price to pay for this technology's development."

We arrive at the dining room. I smile. "Ah, here we are. Please, everyone sit."

The table is set with basically any food you could imagine.

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