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Allysa starts doing push-ups, her jet-pack weighing her down. She was a bit impatient, and wanted to do something. Her SMGs hung at her waist, and the jet-pack leaned from one side to another.
On one of the bunk beds inside the dormantry, you find a weathered old hardcovered book with a checkerboad design. A steel plate is on the cover with the faded words Walter Blackstone Dresden imprinted on it, clearly a name. On the first page there is a pretty blatant warning that whoever read the book was going to wake up in the infirmary, but whoever owned the book was long gone now. You turn the page, and begin reading.


Now look, before I start this journal, I'm going to make one thing crystal-f*cking clear. This wasn't in the godd*mn job description.

I was supposed to be part of the security detail of the vessel, not stuffed in a pitiful excuse for a dropship filled with reapers and tossed around like trash. Oh well. The scientist (I really need to learn his name at some point) is clearly in charge of all the personel on board, so I suppose if he wanted me to be one of the test subjects, I would've ended up on the examination table eventually anyway.

Still, there are better ways to die, and dying with a whole bunch of needles and saws and other 'medical' implements jammed into your body is not one of them.

But anyways, we were encouraged to get to know each other, which only reinforced my theory that The Scientist had intentionally shoved me with these nutcases, but I decided to play along. I sat down on a nearby bench and looked up at all the people I would probably soon die alongside with, hopefully on the battlefield.

"Name's Walter. You?" I said in response to one of the reapers.
"Terrance." He replies. "Why are you here?"
"Alexander, but I should be dead....Very dead.... He will come looking for me, he just needs to know if I died or not, I was dead I believe.... Or was I?" He was paranoid and cautious... And he had been jumpy ever since the 'incident.'
"Well, I was officially positioned here to be part of the security detail as a low-paying backwater job after an... incident with a superior officer at a bar, but apparantly I'm here for something much more different if I was stuffed in the dropship along with you people."
"Wait, so you are supposed to be dead, and you aren't a Reaper? Now I'm getting confused." Terrance says to Alexander and Walter.

Makenna watches the three boys talk and notices the other girl doing pushups. These events are turning out more interesting than I thought.
...................baneling balls wasnt chosen...................... Welll I am outta here!!!!!!
"I woke up in my own blood from my partner in crime, this was after I stabbed him in the back... The Dominion sent him to god who knows. He wasn't even human anymore... He killed me with revenge, but how am I alive? Is this an eternal nightmare that I have to live by..."

I heard him say Reaper.

"That can't be... I'm back from the dead to live through this!?"

OOC: Mecha, you thought you were going to be a threat? Not really... Knarled wants................... The Changeling like threat, one where it truly is a nightmare compared to the ear splitting headache of the 'Overmind" wannabe.

And even you have to agree that an entire Brood is more of an Villain that a Super Zergling.... No offense Zarkun.
"Well, we have been sent to a Science Vessel, maybe something is going to be different for us." Terrance answers with a shrug. He hears a woman scoff at what he just said. "What?"

"Do you really think that anythings going to be different? We are still going to be sent on suicide missions, and if this is a Science Vessel then probably also experimented on." She replies.

"How would you know? And who the hell are you?" He demands.

"I have something called common sense and my name is Makenna. Now shut the hell up, or you might find yourself as bait." She answers.
well I wanted something that was specifically designed to kill Reapers so it would be Predator vs Prey. An you do realize he belons to a Brood so its not just him but the Brood. Maybe I could edit so I belong to SF's Brood
"I guess I'm lucky enough to be alive.... I've heard rumors on what the Dominion did to him before he went to find me, and kill me.... They did things to him, experimented with his body. I don't know the full details though."

OOC: Mecha....or you could be a second villain on another world...but it truly has to bring a threat feeling. Just remember that you are dealing with Reapers that are going to have !@#$ done to them, and if they are all together, super Zergling is dead, plus those Jet packs are going to be hell've fast.
Yeah but he was breed to kill Reapers and Hellions that had upgraded speed Boosters so he can catch them. Just gotta see what KO says.
"Now, the only thing that's bugging me as to why I'm here is that, frankly, I'm specialized in CMC-400 Powered Armor, pretty much the polar opposite of that skintight suit with a jetpack strapped to it that you people like to think of as something that could actually protect you. I mean, sure, I'm a quaint little package of woop-@$$, but I'm more the 'turn you into a gory red mist with my cannon', not the 'slice you into bloody ribbons with my pistols and fists.'"
Mecha, let's make a bet that everyone shall participate in if they want to... Who would win in w fight, Hades the Super Zergling, or Vereor? I'm just doing this part for fun.
As the Zerglings return to her with incapacitated Terrans, Mo'rye thanks them and sends them off on another mission. She then turns her attention to the Terrans. Hello there, pets. They starts moaning. Mo'rye grabs the Terrans and slams them into the creep, as the creep starts to grow over them they start panicking, but unable to stop it. As the creep covers their faces their bodies go limp. She then sticks the creep covered bodies to the wall of the cave. Now all she had to do was wait for them to emerge. She looked toward the horizon and imagined all the land covered by her Hive. She clacked her mandibles together to imitate a sinister laugh.

"Well that means you'll survive longer." Terrance replies.
"I suppose so, assuming I'm going to be given equipment for my actual profession, and I'm not simply being shoehorned into the Reaper Project because of my physical traits. And even if I'm still going into teh field as a marauder, can you imagine a guy like me trying to keep up with you guys? I'd simply be making a fool of myself doing that.

Of course, there is the possibility he made a more mobile version of marauder or firebat armor, but I think that's just wishful thinking."
Well straight up fight Hades since im guessing this Vereor guy is a Reaper and Hades is aDevouring One (these little !@#$ers can take a Sieged tanks shot and come out fine) in a chase It is a little less in his favor but hey hes designed to kill Reapers so pretty much you would be i deep sh!t if he gets you alone.

Also my Char belongs to a Brood so hes not alone so theirs him and da Brood.
!@#$, nah man.... Vereor ain't no Reaper. He's an experiment. You can ask Jake about him, or Knarled. He'll just turn all your Zergy buddies into pure matter and augment himself for a limited time, increased speed is one of those.... He even took over a Brutalisk before.

IC: He watched them all talking back and forth. He had to ask a question. "There is no way he can get on this ship? Right? If he knows that I'm alive, he will hunt me down.... I would rather fight an entire horde of Zergling's than see him again."
Allysa gets up, and starts doing laps around the room. She stops, briefly, to re-strap the SMGs down so they'd stop hitting her legs, then continued running.
Ohhh but this is a Reaper RP lol.

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