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OOC: ...Was this one of the people in the RP where I was Wutend? I can't remember the specifics of most of the RPs I played.

"Well, whoever this guy is, dying to his hands can't possibly be the worst thing that could happen to you. I've been in the service for 8 years, and I've seen just about everything there is to see. Zerg infestation, mind-r*ped by protoss interrogators, torn apart at a molecular level by a Xel-Naga Rip-Field generator, you name it. I've seen it all."

Or at least I hope I have...
Type up Vereor in the Joeyray's Search Bar.... Look in Cold Heart. That's who he is.

@Jake, yes, Wutend.... Such a crazy bastard when you were still in Warhammer Craze.

IC: "Thanks for nothing, but this guy... He's hellbent in destroying me after I tipped off the Dominion during a heist."
"Ah, must be tough. I've had some people pissed at me in the past, but not like that."
Makenna sees the other girl running around the room and rolls her eyes. She then returns her attention to the men. "I'm sure he's not as bad as going on suicide missions."
"You must be right... I might just be overreacting and paranoid... But I am serious though, he'll kill me the moment he catches an eye over me."
"Piss me off and it might be the same." Makenna says. "Lot's of people are like that when they get pissed."

Terrance speaks up. "B!tch, like you can hurt me."

As Terrance finishes Makenna was already only inches away and knees him then slams her fist into his face, breaking his nose. "Call me that again, let's see how it turns out for you."
"Until difference though... I would rather have you kill me than him... He would want me to remember it, even in death... And this wasn't being pissed... this was genuine revenge." As he saw Makenna show Terrance what she got.
At this point I was simply content to observe the others. I would have to ask The Scientist just why I, a regular ol' marauder, had been placed aongside these mentally unstable nutcases they called 'reapers' when I finally meet him. Hopefully during a debriefing of a mission, not on an autopsy table.
"That's your opinion. I would think most men would prefer to be killed by another man than a woman." Makenna says and ducks under a fist thrown by Terrance out of anger. She then knees him in the pelvis. "Try again, @sshole."
I look at the wisecrack getting the sh*t beat out of him by Terrance, and I can't help but chuckle. It was a deep, throaty laugh, one that I got from my father. I managed to stifle my laughter after a few seconds and return to my normal seating position, ready to lash out if Terrance took it the wrong way.
"It's Terrance getting the sh!t beaten out of him."

As Makenna turns away from Terrance he grabs her by the leg then throws him. Makenna's head smashes against the corner of a table and lets out a cry of pain, warm blood was flowing through her hair. Terrance goes over and grabs her by the hair and she yelps. "I am going to beat the sh!t out of you." He says as he leans his head in close to her ear. As he was saying this her cells was already working to repair the injury. She kicks her leg up and hits Terrance, causing him to stumble over her. She then gets back up. She looks at his bleeding face and damaged nose. She punches him in the throat. Terrance starts choking and stumbles back.
Okay, now this is just getting rediculous. We haven't even been served breakfast yet and there's already an all-out brawl going on. I can already tell I'm going to hate my time here.
As Allysa runs over to them, as part of some course she made up, she says to the pair fighting
"Now, now. Lets try keeping the rage for the zerg, eh?" She continues running.
"Shut up. He called me a b!tch and tried to hit me." Makenna says with a glare, and Terrance tries to get up and she pushes him back down by stepping on his back.
As she comes back to them, she replies
"Ok, good for him. Now, break it up or I will. And believe me, a jet-pack propelled person ramming you is not a fun feeling." She continues running.
Makenna sneers. You'll be first. She takes her foot off Terrance's back and kicks him in the face before stepping away.

Mo'rye watches in glee as a clawed hand emerges through the creep covering the figures on the wall. Mo'rye extends her talons and slash through the creep and five Infested fall out. Their hands were overly large with sharp claws. They look at Mo'rye for orders. Come. I think I shall have fun tampering with you. She commands. She goes to the Hive.

At the Hive Mo'rye starts tampering with Mutalisk DNA to make it compatible with the Infested. When she finished she stabbed her Talons deep within the stomachs of each Infested. Two large bones sprout from their shoulder blades. Then when they came to a length of nine feet each they started to bend. Three more bones start to grow downward from the original bones origin to the bend. Fleshy membrane then starts to grow and connects to each bone. Mo'rye looks at her success. She had given Infested Terrans wings. The Infested Terran each pull their wings in and bow down. My pets, you shall be my most valuable of all. You shall always be the first to feel a new mutation, and the most potent kind. It will not take terribly long for you to fulfill your purpose.

"I made my villain an evil scientist who uses minions instead of fighting herself."
OOC: *Weeps silently* I....I guess I'll make a Reaper char, but you just killed my soul.
Dacder you do NOT have to join EVERY RP
12/08/2012 08:11 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
Dacder you do NOT have to join EVERY RP
I'm in like two RP's....*thinks really hard*, yeah, P&P and SS....I quit IGWR because I couldn't keep up with the timezone difference, and FS died. Either way, I'm using this post for an app sheet in a minute.

OOC: Actually, I'll wait...maybe KO will still accept me? *Gives puppy eyes.*

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