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Dac, I have a possible use for your char. Just hang on.

Three security guards walk into the room, gauss rifles in hand. Not taking any chances around a bunch of psychos.

"You are all to proceed to your residence areas immediately. You will be given additional briefing soon. Follow the green lights on the wall until you reach a cabin. Cabins one through three are for you guys. Each cabin has room for two people. You can choose for yourselves where you stay. Get going."

As everyone files out, the guard catches Walter's arm. "Doc wants to talk to you. Follow me."

He leads Walter to the Doctor's office.
Allysa sighs, and continues running, but this time following the green lights.
“Jack!” Kyle exclaimed, rushing forward. He threw his arms around the younger man. “I thought you were dead, kid!”

So did I, Jack thought. Then, faking a grin, he repeated the lie he been told to use on this occasion. “Not this time, old man. Doc fixed me up.”

The graying man’s excitement died instantly. “Oh, him. Did you manage to find out what he’s up to?”

Yes, Jack replied mentally, then repeated another lie. “Nah, that skinny lab monkey may not be bright, but he knows how to keep a secret.”

Kyle shrugged. “Well, we’ll find out what he plans to do to us eventually.”

“Maybe sooner than you think. He told me he’d tell yo- us soon. Said it was going to revolutionize not just the Reaper program, but the entire Dominion military, the entire Dominion itself, yada yada yada. Usual science junk.”

“Well, maybe he’s waiting to tell the new recruits.”

Jack started. “New recruits? What?”

“Big group. I looked at their records. Completely expendable, every one of ‘em. That doesn’t bode well.”

Jack avoided meeting his friend’s gaze. “No… no it doesn’t.”
Makenna goes along the green lights then enters cabin one. She places her guns and her knife to the side.
Allysa enters Cabin 2, sets her gear on the ground near her bed, and she sits down on the bed.
I wrench my arm out of the guard's grip with agitation. "Hey. I can walk myself. Just lead me there, and no, I'm not trying anything."

The guard gives me the 'Screw you' glare, but leads me to whatever destination it is he wanted me to go to. I don't care how he feels, I don't like being dragged around like a wanted criminal.
I look up as the Captain walks back into the room. I notice Walter a moment later. I breathe a sigh of relief; it would have been most unfortunate if I hadn't noticed him at all due to his height.

"Ah, welcome." I say. "Captain, you are excused. I have some classified briefing for Mr. Denton." The Captain opens his mouth to protest, but I cut him off. "If you paid a little more attention to what I tell you, you would know I am perfectly safe with him. He is not the same sort of creature as our other... guests."

I watch as the Captain, reluctantly, leaves the room. I then turn to Walter. "I am glad you made it. You wouldn't believe the sorts of strings I had to pull to get you here."
"Ah," I say in recognition, a smile of admiration showing on my face. "So that's why I was thrown with the reapers, and not as part of a usual dropship. So what is it you need 'The Deadly Dwarf' for?"
"I need you, primarily, to keep an eye on the others. And please, have a seat." I gesture to a chair.

"Now, allow me to explain in detail. I will start at the beginning. I have developed a new technology, one that revolutionizes not just the Reaper program, but the entire military. In fact, the entire field of medical science."

"Now," I say, getting up and pacing. "This may sound like an arrogant scientist's bragging to you. Apparently that's what the Dominion thinks of it too. I showed them the math and they essentially laughed in my face. I don't take kindly," I say, clenching my jaw, "To being laughed at. So I went over their heads. I pulled some strings and got what I needed anyways. When I showed up with my initial test results, they were suddenly interested... but, of course, bureaucrats are bureaucrats. They couldn't admit they were wrong, so they gave me this" I gesture at the vessel around me in general, "to work with."

I slump back into my chair. "An out-of-date, damaged Science Vessel and a rabble of psychotic criminals. Which, of course, is why I need you. I'll need you to be my spy, someone sane to keep me informed about what the Reapers are up to. You would need to not just act like a Reaper, but become a Reaper. Anything it takes to deceive the others, gain their trust. You will report directly to me. Apart from myself, only the Captain will have any knowledge of this, and I want him to have as little as possible. So... do I have your cooperation?"

I sat there, ponder for a little bit, more on how I was going to go about doing this than whether or not I would. I was never one to lie or cheat in card games, and while I had the best poker face imaginable, I've never actually had to decieve anyone before. Of course, I was sure I could easily just be the way I usually was, with my kind of attitude not being all that far away from a reapers, just more... restrained, being the most kind word I could use.

Then there was the fact I had to become a reaper. Going from armored tank of destruction to expendable time bomb wasn't exactly the easiest transition to make in battlefield role someone could ever do, so I would need some cushioning that I could only hope the scientist could give me. Things like an LMG instead of two pistols, or light armor with a jump pack rather than a jumpsuit with a jet pack strapped to it.

I made my final decision, and spoke.

"Alright, I'm in. I just need a few things from you to make it easier. Now while I'm fairly confident I can decieve the others and not blow my cover, going from a heavy support to a suicide bomb isn't the easiest transaction in battlefield role one could ever do. I'll need some cushioning to make it easier for me so I don't screw up on the first mission. Things like having a LMG or grenade launcher instead of the usual two pistols or shotgun, and a more heavily armored suit with a jump pack instead of a jumpsuit with a jet pack strapped to it. Do this for me and I'll do my best to do this esponiage role you have given me."
I smile. "You will receive any special equipment you require. But as for becoming a suicide bomb..."

I get up again.

"That is part of what we're doing here. They want me to test my new technology on Reapers because Reapers are expendable and have a massive casualty rate. Which, I must admit, is almost perfect for my experiments... the massive casualty rate, that is. While I would rather have subjects that I can rely on and trust to brief me on absolutely everything that happens, Reapers, I suppose, will work just fine."

I sit down and lean forward. "You see, my new technology allows me to bring people back from the dead."
My eyes widen in surprise, and my brain tries to comprehend what the scientist just said and how something like that could possibly work. After a few seconds, my mind simply gave up, and I asked the inevitable question.

"Umm, how exactly does this work?" I ask, my tone approaching bewilderment.
ok ..... i might actually change my mind about joining ...... though could my char be a field engineer that got on the wrong side of one CO too many? id hash all this in char backstory and what not .... if its ok
"First, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that nobody needs to hear a word of this conversation. Second..."

I rise again.

"Some things may be best shown."

~A short walk later~

"This is the observation room. From here I can monitor the Project. We call it Project THANATOS. I will explain as much as I can to you. The others will find out varying amounts of this later... at a time of my choosing."

"First, I have someone for you to meet." I step down towards a holding pen and touch a button that causes the material to turn transparent. "Mr. Denton, meet Von Quiqui. Von Quiqui, this is Mr. Walter Denton. He is a new partner of ours."

Inside the holding pen is a Roach.

I turn back to Walter. "Quiqui here has contributed a great deal to my Project. His regenerative properties have a great deal to do with the resurrections I can carry out. Allow me to explain, simply, how it works."

"When a person dies, their cells begin to degrade. Self-breakdown starts to occur almost instantly, as the bacteria in the digestive tract go out of control and begin digesting their host. My technology works when a person's remains are quickly recovered. If they were killed cleanly, I can use nanotechnology to restore them. Von Quiqui helps there by regenerating certain organic parts, but the revival process mostly relies on nanobots and other machinery."

"Where the Zerg DNA really comes in handy is in making sure the person is ready to be revived. Thanks to my Roach friend, I can genetically modify a person so that their remains regenerate rather than decompose. That way when my teams recover the body they are in a revivable condition."

"Which brings us to the matter of 'messy' deaths. The truth is..." I hesitate a moment. "The truth is I haven't tried to deal with one of those yet in a human subject. So far, we have only had one successful revival. The man was shot in the heart by a Gauss Rifle while battling a rebel group. His organs were shredded, but I revived him. Brain injuries and people who have been 'blown to bits' will be more difficult, but I am confident my technology can bring them back. One way I do this is by having computers create databases for each person recording their build and better enabling repairs to their body. Also... there may be some cyborging involved to maximize effectiveness. Any questions?"

EDIT - Morph, I don't really want too many non-Reaper chars. It will detract from the story's authenticity.
"If I've helped you so much, why don't you let me out of this damned cage?" I say, suddenly and loudly.

It must have been shocking, to see a Zerg with free will. It was a gift of his, but one that came with a price. Having the entire Zerg race hunting you constantly ain't fun. When I had gained free will, it was so weird I didn't know what had happened for three months, then, I asked my Queen, "What is the purpose of life if it's only lived to serve others?"....worst mistake I'd ever made.
well he/she would be a reaper just also have her engineering skills ..... perhaps eventually upgrade reaper armor ..... *looks around with evil smile*
I turn back to Von Quiqui. "You know how things work. Just behave yourself, my friend, and you will get in on the fun too."

I turn back to Walter. "Surprising? One doesn't encounter Zerg capable of speech often, especially ones free of the Swarm."

OOC: Done for the night. And Morph, submit the char. I'll give it a look.
"Ah, very funny. Why don't you remind this man, and myself, what I'm getting out of this? Or are you just locking me in a cage for the rest of my life? Answer honestly now, you evil bastard."
OOC: Night all. Mom's kicking me off the computer.

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