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OOC: too late to get in?
@Korozain no
@KO you been watching to much Dragonaut: The Resonance?

Name: Sylvorur Ebandum
Age: 25
Appearance: She has fiery orange/red eyes, moderate length black hair, stands 5’6”, and an athletic/slight build, and beautifully sun-tanned skin
Abilities/Skills: Survival Skills (self explanatory-ish), Master Metalworker and Mechanic, Skilled Sniper, Field Mechanic, First Aid
Backstory: Sylvorur spent her entire childhood working with metal and machines. She also learned valuable skills for her later stint in the military. Most everyone in her family has served in the military and gotten advanced training in mechanics and metalworking. Even though she was an engineer she was above average with a sniper compared to the people who actually went through sniper school. Once deployed she got on the nerves of every CO she was assigned to. Sylvorur claimed that she was not trying to be annoying and that some people just couldn’t work with her. This went on for a few years before she finally got sent for ReSoc which did not work. She was then sent to be made a reaper and then do to some strange circumstance she was assigned to project THANATOS.

EDIT: i wrote this in thirty minutes while being half asleep so i could do a bit better.
OOC: I was asking KO
ik but i also happen to know the answer to your question and for KO to answer you will mean you wait till tomorrow as he is off for da night

EDIT: and now so am i
EDIT2: Korozain is TTS still open? i just dont really want to post on your thread ....... yet wana find out if its still open or not or even if you want/can handle one more ......
You can still get in, Koro. Little of importance (to the Reapers) has happened. And Morph, that should be fine. Just give me a while to add. For now RP yourself into the group of Reapers, who are currently choosing rooms.


"Ah yes, I probably should explain that. Here's the deal:"

I gesture to Von Quiqui. "My Roach friend somehow developed a psionic resistance. It is very interesting, in the future perhaps I will be able to apply it somehow. For now, though, it simply means that he is cut off from the Swarm. He wants to be free, an understandable aim. My technology may be able to make that happen. He provides me with the samples I need, and in exchange I am developing the technology that will enable him to take on the form of a Terran. Until then..."

I pull the cover off of something... something that resembles a metal spider. "This is Von Quiqui's secondary body. He can control it remotely and will use it to accompany you all on your missions.

OOC: Going for the Zelda feel with Bolded text to emphasize important details.
OOC: Yeah it's open. Just to on pre-RP thread and make your sheet. This is the only thing I could think of that doesn't involve me escaping a lab room...

I fell asleep on the ship... Hilarious...

I look at my hands.

I feel odd... Oh well, don't care. Time to explore this place...

I start walking down the halls, almost like I'm listening to a tune. (Because I am.)

A guard stops you.

"You're supposed to be finding a room. Ya can't even follow green lights?"

He points. "Rooms 1 through... eh, guess I miscounted before. One through four."
"Hells. To, the yes. Get my own room." I then stroll into room 4.
I sorta wanna join, but as a none reaper. More along the lines of a Dominion ghost, or a freelance spectre who's spying on the whole operation, but that wouldn't work, so I don't know.
"And an interesting plan that is, though I still wish that I would at least have a bigger cage." I grumble.
12/10/2012 04:50 AMPosted by Korozain
Just to on pre-RP thread
you mean 'go on the pre-RP thread'?
and are rooms 1-4 the only unoccupied or just the only ones available .... period. gona try out first person for an rp

IC: i follow the green lights on the floor/walls to the area with the rooms. i look inside the rooms to see if there are any that are unoccupied or that have an open bunk.
As Makenna sees the woman pop their head in she aims her pistol at her head. "Stay out unless you want to eat some lead."
OOC: Yes.

IC: I lay down on a bed on one side of the room.
Eh. Better than barracks beds...
my eyes widen at the sight of a pistol pointed at me and i quickly move on prefering to stay alive.
Makenna smiles and places the pistol down. She then starts pondering life if her father hadn't of been killed.
I stick my head into the next room, hoping i dont get a gun pointed at my face again.
Allysa looks up as someone peeks in.
"Hi, there." She says.
"uhh hi is there an extra bunk in here?" I ask glad to not have a gun aimed at my face again.
Allysa gestures to the other bed, no one in it. "Yes. No one has occupied it yet, so if you want it, it's yours."
Terrance looks into the third cabin and finds it empty. He enters and jumps onto the bed.

Makenna reaches back and checks on her head, the cut was completely gone, but her hair was still sticky with blood. She needed to find some place to wash that out. She starts looking around the room for a shower.

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