May look at some of the older RPs...........

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And start a new one based of a few of them.... Considering how interesting RPs are in short supply and im doubting ill get into Reaper and since CPOK and FS died................
12/09/2012 07:43 AMPosted by MechaGhidrah
CPOK and FS died...
CPOK is just slow. And if you are going to have an RP based off of a couple... You better get it right, and if you dare take anything from Cloaked Love... Be prepared to suffer the consequences if you screw it up.
Ehhh since im not allowed on weekdays for awhile can one of you do the DMing and stuff. I may do a Redux for Project Ressurection since my accunt got locked. Or maybe Feral: The Need to Survive. If anyone wants to start on of these up just let me know and ill give you the base stuff to start it.
You should do a redux of Resurrection. You said you would awhile ago.
Will you DM it on Weekdays please. If someone does I can start it ORR I can give it to you to do.

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