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Fade is an upcoming RP that I have planned that will work differently than other RPs. The RP's storyline will be done in chapters, with a certain amount required to complete a "book" (working much like the Airbender series). I will announce when a chapter is complete, telling all of you that there will be a minor time skip. When we move on to the next book, then there will be a major time skip with a different subplots that occur during your adventure. I have planned to do only three books so far, but it's open to change after I see how it goes.


Our story takes place on the on the planet of Kai, a rather large planet that has a main continent, Ralla, that wraps around the planet to make a ring-like appearance. The two oceans it divides are simply named the North and South Oceans, but locals name certain areas of the two.

It's inhabitants were largely peaceful, due to the large amount of resources one could easily acquire. Even though there are several species on this planet, they have two similarities: Their humanoid shape, and their ability to do something similar to magic called Es.

The power of Es users caused conflicts between them that sparked the first known war, The Es War. The constant fighting for the next century caused had so many casualties that it halved the global population. The War ended when enemies had to become allies when a new threat rose: The R Virus.

The R Virus was a result of the high amounts of Es energy released during the war, turning the many corpses into glowing zombies that mutated the more they consumed Es energy. The surviving people of this virus only managed to push the infected all the way to a part of Ralla that kept them at bay with a range of deadly mountains that created a giant, inescapable area, which would be nicknamed the Deadlands. To ensure it would never come out, a grand fortress was built in the only passage that lead out of it.

Although several centuries have passed, the scars of war are still there. City-states have developed that fought each other many times. Technology has developed so quickly that flight is a reality. However, the old ways of melee combat have evolved as well.


Humans: The Humans are easily the most industrial, being the first to create machines to help them create their giant structures. Their military force are also the most advanced, with standard infantry knowing how to fire a gun. Although they have ranged, melee training is a must for the ones who choose to take specialist roles. As a result, armor and weapons were made specifically for this purpose.

Es users can choose to take a separate branch of training to use their powers to full effectiveness. They learn how to fire special weapons that fire Es energy, and special Es control classes.

Tolrock: The Tolrock are a race known for their large horns. Extremely durable, every organ in their body can completely heal over, even in some cases completely new ones regrown. The traditions of their race were taught to them since birth, taking things like morality very serious.

The events of the Es war caused this race to be trained in the arts of war, no matter of their profession. They are the only race that can effectively use primal weapons such as bows to full effectiveness. Those who are users of Es are trained how to use it to increase combat skills, making them extremely fast fighters.

Nama: The Namas are an amphibious race, having fish like skin and gills. Although they aren't known to leave their coastal homes, they carry device around their necks that carry water, allowing them to help them breath and ensure they don't dry out. Es users of the race vary, as it's something left to personal choice.

Technology of this race is unique, as all the materials are somewhat biological. They are known to have poison naturally in their weapons, making them deadly fighters. However, land vehicles for this race is nonexistent.

Phos: The Phos are pratically an Es race, using it to a great extent. They look extremely similar to humans, except for their glowing eyes and markings. Use of Es is mandatory for all members of the species, with the more combat related uses left to military units.

However, their natural ability for Es made them primary targets for the R Virus, leaving them with a low population. So, technology was made Es based due to the lack of genius minds to make ones that could run by themselves.

Es powers

Destroyer: This branch of Es focuses on releasing energy blasts to attack targets. They may range from bright flashes to explosive bolts. However, this branch requires the most energy, due to the amount of pure energy one bolt requires.

Guardian: This branch focuses on defense, creating shields to protect oneself. This also can be used offensively, using the shields to trap and crush enemies. Advance training can even have some users use the shields as floating transports. Users also learn how to increase their agility and strength, allowing them to fill their protector roles more efficiently.

Restorer: Users of this branch can use this to heal allies and repair weapons. They can also "enchant" equipment, giving them effects ranging to more resilience to
elemental effects. Those who put training into this branch can create Es golems that assist them in their duties.

Watcher: This is an unique branch, focusing on stealth. It allows users to do things such as stealth, illusions, and enhanced vision. When focused, users can enhance their aim with weapons ranging from throwing knives to rifles.

NOTE: This is how Es is divided, NOT classes. In other words, this is how this world divides its uses of Es. You may mix them to fill your needs.
Alright! Time to get names down!

This will be a list of characters participating in the RP. When everyone's done signing up, I'll start the RP.
Hmmmm....Would I be allowed to use a character based on a game I play?
Currently, yes. But Don't sign up just yet, still need to finish with the rest of the stuff.
Alright. Now just to choose how I want to do it...
interesting ..... not .... quite sure what to do for my char ...... possible list of races? and could we add our own?
Mine character is definitely human. But he could also be part machine. Depends on which of the three templates I'm looking at I go with.
"I think I would join this."
Looks good, I'll join when you let us.
Dac, get in DA.
I'll probably be something similar to a Warforged when this gets official. This has promise to it, but I'd like a little more detailed explanation of the tech.
must resist urge to write/rewrite some race info to go in this ...... *smack* ok urge resisted ......
I'm not sure what your app format will be, so I'll make one up and change it when you release one.

Name: Jason Granger
Race: Human
Age: 25
Appearance: His armor looks like this: http://forums.elswordonline.com/Uploads/Images/46c20353-e523-4d78-95d6-8a30.png, only the white is red and the blue is white and it's called the Cerberus armor, and it's powered by a Guardian Stone, allowing for a sort of berserker mode. Silver eyes and hair, with a hair cut that looks like this: http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/spweasel/Elsword%2520Stuff/Class_DC.png. Six foot even and lithe, muscular build, so basically athletic. 210 lbs.
Armament: Twin Es (If allowed. If not, then energy) pistols called the Blood Takers, advanced hand-to-hand training and martial arts training
Backstory: Jason had been a gifted Es user from birth, and had been born the descendant of a great Es user who had battled the zombies created by the R Virus using Guardian stones and the Cerberus armor. He grew up under his father's tutelage, who had fought against the Rombies, as he called them, for several years at the entrance to the Deadlands. Their Cerberus armor was powered by Guardian Stones containing some of the purest Es on Kai, and allowed their armor to take unique forms. While Jason's father was a Platinum Paladin, Jason trained and became the first Deadly Hunter, a lethal assassin who wielded twin revolver based pistols rather than a single massive Destroyer cannon. His father and he now fight to maintain peace on the single continent. Jason's father is currently stationed at the fort that keeps the Rombies in their hole, while Jason wanders the continent, learning all he can.

Jason's father's destroyer looks like this: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/uploads/1307670587/med_gallery_4295_169_19469.png And well, his armor is gold as the main color and silver for the secondary and looks like this: http://www.renders-graphiques.fr/image/upload/moyen/Iron_Paladin_Double1.png Second half of the picture.
Same as Zarkun.

Name: Sahna Pillexa
Race: Phos
Age: 19
Appearance: 5'7, 125 pounds. Slender, not so muscular body. Dark, entrancing black hair. A pretty, slender face, with blue markings in the way of a shield on the right cheek. She has deep, glowing dark blue eyes, which are nearly hypnotizing in their beauty. On her back and stomach she has two more markings, each dark blue. On the back, a crossed spear and sword. On the stomach, a three overlapping shields. On her left leg to the outside is one last marking, a large circle with a spear coming up the middle to form two half circles, her families mark. Her armor is a thin piece of chainmail with leather underneath, covering her chest, stomach, and back. And for her upper legs leather and steel armor, with steel and cotton boots for the lower legs. Wears a winged helmet, which bears resemblance to a viking helmet.
Backstory: Sahna was with her father, who was a lord of the Phos when the disease struck. It killed, well, transformed her mother and two brothers, and she was forced to kill them all. Once that happened, she traveled the countryside, hunting and what not to survive. She's lived this hard life for months, and wishes to go back to a city, but her area was hit hard, and she knows not where refuge is.
Es Power: Guardian
Weapons: Long bow, Shorter composite bow, long steel knife for close up and emergencies.
I'll start working on something for Phos.
He spent the early years of his life hunting in the seas, swamps, and woods around his home city. He loves his freedom, and will fiercely battle anyone who tries to control him, but is loyal to his people and will fight if told to. He just prefers not to take orders.

Considered making him an Es user, but figured there were too many already.
Mine doesn't work super well without it, and the Phos are required to have it,
I should be able to be done with all the editing by the end of today and move on to the last of the stuff.
Cool. Can't wait to see how this goes.
hmmm ........ i just came up with a sweet dragon(ish) character but ..... not sure if it would be applicable as there are aircraft according to your lore for this

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