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None of my stuff fit's in with those classes....I don't think anyways...Maybe theirs is a bit of a custom family trait thing?
Updated my char sheet, should be just about ready at this point.
"I'm stuck between Narma and Phos."
Remember guys, this is open to change. I'm also willing to hear about any ideas you guys may have.

Also, about the Es categories, you're not limited to just one. You may freely be able to do all of them, but the last one is something that I need to confirm you want to do, since you'll have a special requirements/restrictions on yourself.

Custom characters are acceptable. But, I will have to go over it to make sure that it fits with plot, etc.
My problem is I don't think what I've given Jason fits in any of those.
As I said, custom characters are acceptable. I only need to look over it to make sure it fits in the RP. So far, your character seems pretty creative, Zarkun.
Name: Ka'stah the Devourer among others
Age: ????
Race: ????
A mysterious being whose Es signatures are supposedly off the charts. It's sightings come exclusively from the Deadlands where few dare to pass. Despite investigations, its sightings were never confirmed by any officials although rumors still persists that something is there, waiting and bidding its time. How it came to being has many theories but the most prominent one is that it has manifested from the negative energies that built up from the Es wars. It is suppose to be an entropic being of pure energy. Is there truly something awaiting on the other side or are they simply stories to rein in naughty children or perhaps the existence of Ka'stah is simply a cooked up conspiracy theory?

Sue me.
Name: Tyson Recrin
Gender: Male
Race: Phos
Age: 20
Appearance: 6' 1" and slim but fairly muscular to allow powerful and quick drawbacks of his bow. Eyes that glow silver and markings on his hands that symbolize darkness as well as many lines running around his body as well as long black hair.
Backstory: Tyson was from a powerful, but secretive familty. At the age of 10 he was trained in the ways of the Watcher and the use of a bow. This was something his family had practiced for generations. He was also trained to use the Destruction to increase the strength of his arrows. His parents then disappeared and now, at age twenty, he has gone to find out what happened, and killing whoever he is hired to kill, for he is an assassin.
Es Power: Watcher with Destructive (This is to add power to arrows.)
Armament: Light Mobile Armor, Recurve Bow (http://shadowdragon22.deviantart.com/art/Frostbane-313991962 Except more curve at ends), and a Dirk (a Scottish Dagger).
I'm going to start working on an intro. So, does anyone have a problem with the current info or want to add anything?
ehh its fine with me im gona end up with 2 char sheets for the same char ...... especially if i can do a dragon as the char would start as an egg.
I'm fine with everything, question though, in general, are the Phos and Humans friendly, or do they hate each other?
I'd imagine there'd be tensions. I mean, the humans are clearly better off than the Phos.
12/10/2012 07:33 PMPosted by Dacder
I'm fine with everything, question though, in general, are the Phos and Humans friendly, or do they hate each other?

Something like this is something you'll learn about this during the story. Of course, you'll start out in an environment that doesn't have such tensions.
Ugh... I may have to give my char Restorer skills so he's not UP, he seems to be the only non Es user.
RPer: TheLostMorph
Name: Arcis
Gender: Unknown
Race: Dragon
Age: unknown
Appearance: a Gold colored egg, unknown
Backstory: a dragon egg that was forgotten in a cave when the R Virus struck the world. The egg would remain undiscovered for several years until a young explorer happened upon the cave and found the egg covered in dust and dirt but otherwise unharmed. The explorer later sold the egg as a trinket to a minor merchant (who will perhaps later sell it to one of the other characters)
Es power: unknown
Armaments: unknown
/facepalm At least try to be original with your story Morph.
Eye no, write?
ok fine *rework*
12/11/2012 01:22 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Ugh... I may have to give my char Restorer skills so he's not UP, he seems to be the only non Es user.

You don't have to give him Es, as you can give him more powerful equipment to make-up for that weakness.
better zarkun?

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