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12/11/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Naitsrich
think like that giant under water city in Star Wars
EDIT: sadly ill be afk most of tomorrow though given my char is just an egg atm so .....
So...we have the Naboo, Gungans and two alien races...I can roll with that.
:P yep
Ah, so the tech is pretty much like a mix between Steampunk, Bioshock, and so on? That makes it very interesting... Might wait until after school to do the sheet.
Looks like I will not be able to start this soon.

School -.-
Calm down.

I just recently discovered that I CAN start this tonight!

But it might take some time to do so.
Excellent! I actually misread the post, and thought you said/meant you weren't starting it until summer.
Name: Ekaterina Morris
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Occupation: Guild Mistress

Appearance: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=mountain+woman&offset=144#/d4hwc17
>>Height 5’ 7”
>>Skin Pale

Equipment: Travelers Cloak, Curved Dagger, a Horse
Es Power: Guild Mistress in Restorative Es Power and Empathy for the Hidden Mountain Community of Algynn.
Mental Abnormalities: Empathy at an unnatural level, light coercion with the mind.

Backstory: During the time of her birth, she was a normal lass, with the love of her family next to her. but one day that all changed. The government at the time would round up these... Misfits and send them to gather dangerous materials that can poison the blood by just touching it. They found out that she was developing mental abilities, beyond the Es that there was. So they pried her from her parents arms and she never found them again.

Two years later she was thirteen, surviving from sheer luck and caution. When no one was looking, she ran away from her captives... Her foremen. A month later she stumbled upon a pass in the mountains, cuts were everywhere, clothes stained from the blood that had got on them, the blight like land that she traveled through poisoning her blood. She passed out.

Waking up she found herself on a bed beside a warm fireplace, with a bowl of hot soup next to her and a young man and woman. They had found her passed out at the bottom of the pass and they brought her up. She now lived with them, they healed her wounds from what they knew and the poison had stopped, to this day she is still trying to find a cure for herself... From healing powers to potions, none of them worked. Every day she wakes up... The strength of her hopes and dreams as a influence upon the poison, ever so making it slow.
Name: Kara
Race: Human
Age: 24
Appearance: 5’ 10, light and lithe build. Usually wears a skin-tight suit that is mixed with combat plating, the suit is pitch-black, and has several throwing knives {Think Dark Brotherhood). She has a hood with the suit, but prefers not to wear it. She has short, brown hair with pale-blue eyes. Adopts a motherly attitude when with others, and prefers to travel with people. Usually catches the eyes of lots of people with how she looks, and uses it as a façade to make enemies underestimate her.
Backstory: Little is known about her. It is believed that she grew up in a hidden home in the mountains, raised by assassins who specialized in assassinations and stealth. For reasons unknown, she left them and wanders the world, helping out where she can.
Es Power: Restorer and Watcher
Weapons: Twin gauntlet claws, throwing knives, silenced sniper.
New char sheet given my char has hatched might get some tweaking as time goes on but this is the best i can do for now

Name: Arcis
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Appearance: a beautiful red and gold colored ‘western style’ dragon. A strange crimson gauntlet fused to her left front paw. A mark of Erini on the left side of her face around her eye.
http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_claw her gauntlet just add a gold crystal over the ‘hand’
http://silentnight4k.deviantart.com/#/d5nhp2h mark of Erini
Backstory: abandoned as an egg during the rise of the R Virus, she was found several years later, after the Infected had been ‘sealed away’, by an explorer/adventurer. She chose the adventure as her partner, hatched and will accompany him on his travels.
Es power: Guardian, Restorer, and Elemental (allows varying degrees of elemental control, affects: air, water, earth, fire, lightning/electricity, and combinations/variations thereof)
Armaments: Claws, Teeth, Fire breath, Gauntlet, [might add more]
Jester, your character's approved of.

Morph, approved. But the elemental part can't be OP

I also updated the Watcher info.
12/13/2012 12:35 PMPosted by Naitsrich
But the elemental part can't be OP
dun worry i was gona mainly use it for flying and perhaps repairing some stuff and i tend to make my chars underpowered in the rp ..... not quite sure why though
Name: Matthew Massani
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Occupation: Vicei Monk/Artist

Appearance: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=mountain+woman&offset=144#/d4hwc17
Without the cloak
>>Height 6 ' 1"
>>Skin tan

Equipment: Curved Dagger, Steel Shortsword, a Horse
Es Power: Proficient in Guardian style Es. Student/Member under the Play of Coercion Guild in the Hidden Mountain Community of Algynn.
Mental Abnormalities: Unique form of Coercion, Premonitions of the mind and of emotion, unique fits that forced him to keep them under control once he showed signs of them.

Backstory: Matthew grew up near a port town. His story was almost like Ekaterina. Losing his family though was what brought him down. Once his parents died the local orphan house took him in... Problems though. They found out what he could do and put him to face the fate that many others like him had to face. Gathering blighted plants that had extreme value to them.

One day he saw something, his death, he was scared and while no one was looking he ran away at the age of 11. Lucky enough though, his Premonition didn't mean it was going to happen, just a chance for the future to end up that way.

He lived...and now he found a home..
Nait, we need a new thread.
Ok. The thread should be up tomorrow morning, maybe tomorrow afternoon if it isn't.
why not now Naits?
Where art thou you?
12/20/2012 03:28 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Where art thou you?

"Where art thou?" Is the same as "Where are you?"....

You just said, "Where are you you?"

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