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i was wondering when someone was gona yell at CR for that :P unfortunately hes not here right now .....
Name: Taloris Long-Horn
Race: Tolrock
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: Long sharp horns coming off and pointing forward like a bull's. Roughly seven foot ten, with an extremely muscular build. His skin is of a dark tone and has big brown eyes. He has long black hair flowing from his head and a long beard as well.
Backstory: Being born large even for a Tolrock he has trained with large weapons since he was able to wield a sword. As a result he has become the strongest of his race and has been dispatched to speak with the king of humans, and then was sent to investigate the resurrection of the R Virus.
Armaments: A large cleaving axe roughly 2 meters large of a hilt and a blade as large as 50cm tall and 20cm wide. He also wields two great swords he can dual wield with ease, both being roughly 150cm long. He has tough plated steel iron. This has caused him to be quite slow when charging at opponents. But he is able to swing his weapons quite fast.
Axe: http://texelion.deviantart.com/art/Cabrera-s-BattleAxe-137123240
Great Swords: http://iron-fox.deviantart.com/art/Sword-Designs-2-93849202 (Number 3)
Es Power: None
SF: You gonna respond in Fade, or are you waiting on me?
hmmm I might sign up as a sort of Es consuming creature.
A Tolrock, her name shall be Hades.

Hades shall be a proficient Watcher as well as a minor Restorer.
Focusing on Stealth, and using such healing abilities, she would theoretically be a great scout. To add to this form of usage, she shall be some what smaller than most of her kind.
To add to this, I would say her skin is a very dark color. As per all of my female characters, a nice bust, shapely figure, and very cunning and mischievous, as well as a wonderful friend and faithful companion. I say, for a backstory, parents killed by some psychopath, grew up as an orphan on the streets, stealing, playing pranks, eventually becoming friends with a rich family, and learned how to read/write, and became a bit of a thinker, after she learned about the world she lived in.

Thoughts, ol' buddy? ;D
I started in one of your RPs as my most well known Changeling... might as well come back in one of yours again.
"I thought your first one was The Crash made by TC..."
"I shall be honored to RP with the great one."
I shall join.

Name: Naga
Race: ??????
Gender: Female in terms of voice
Age: Unknown
Appearance: In her natural form she is a black puddle of sludge but she can change her shape into anything though her preferred forms are a predatory cat and a deadly cobra.
Backstory: She was created by a small secluded village of Phos besieged by Infected. They had hoped that she would consume the Es keeping the dead bodies together which worked as she was very successful in killing off infected though she did not care where the Es came from so she killed her creators off. She thinks living prey is sort of a delicacy as they provide her with more food and they are tastier. She is unaffected by swords and arrows unless they are enchanted but succeptable to Es attacks and fire, electricity, and cold (she really hates that)
I can tell you right now that that^ is gonna get denied.
Well, for one, it ignores what Naits said was available. For two, you're already screwed in three different ways. Jason, who would obliterate you from a far, Arcis, who breaths fire, and SF's guy, who's name escapes me, who fires Es charged arrows. Not to mention that all three of them can sense Es in a certain radius.

Edit-And can I get a DM post?
Heyy he didnt say dragons were available but lost did a dragon. Also when I said succeptable to Es I mean thats what can hurt her so you dont scream OP OP OP. Fire and cold are the real problems.
Morph also spent time OKing it with Naits. Just roll with what's there rather than trying to step out of what's been set.

Edit-Still waiting on DM post in Res.
Well matters on what Nait says but if this doesnt work Ill just not join unless I can join as a dragon
Why are you so fascinated with being a dragon?
Because dragons are cool. I decided to do something else though and so if that doess not work ill make a Dragon char
That might still be a bit tricky. That requires you pair up with someone because of the Lore for them already set out. On a side note, HAPPY NEW YEARS!
Well one of the chars could find an egg.............

HAPPY NEW YEARS AND KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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