Cannot play HOTS beta. Can't connect or load.

Mac Technical Support
If it is possible with a hotfix there is maybe a chance we will see it with tomorrow's maintenance, considering they've stated the found the fix already. But I am not holding my breath.
That's great Blizzard. don't bother to QA one of the 2 platforms you support before pushing a major beta release to production. Glad that I scrounged up the cash to pre-order specifically to play the beta over the holidays -- unaware that it was broken.

Please release a hotfix patch for us. It's the right thing to do.
So the next major patch came out today, the patch that was supposed to have a Mac fix on it, still no fix. When can I actually be expecting one because it is clear it didn't come out when the thread said that it would. Would love to hear more news about this/ a response.
Technical support is unable to address beta bugs, as we can only support the live version of our games. This is why HotS is a beta, as anything can go astray in beta testing, and is best addressed in the Beta forums.

FWIW, this is a known issue and parties are working to resolve this.
Glad people are working to resolve it. I just pre-purchased the game assuming the beta would at least let me log in, not be completely unoperable on my platform for an extended period of time.
Same with me, I have access because I preordered, but I can't log in after installing. Any estimate on when this will be fixed?
Just got my beta installed, and I am getting the connecting to Battle.Net screen for perpetuity. I really would like to mess up some terrans with Swarm Hosts.
Definitely only problem on macs. I can play on my sony viao (windows 7), but not on my mac pro (mountain lion). Thing is I don't have a mouse for my old pc :( .
I have same problem
updated, still have the problem
Beta is still in maintenance I believe. Let's wait awhile and test again.

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