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Hello there! Many of your probably don't know who I am, and that's because I haven't really posted in Joeyray's Bar before.
Anyways, a conversation I had once upon a time in the General Discussion forums inspired me to make this thread.

Basically what you do is pick a matchup of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4, think of some bizarre strategies (cheeses work, too) that would never/rarely work against high-league players, and merge them into a drama. If you think you can write a really good prequel or sequel to another person's drama, then you may -- otherwise you can come up with your own or simply provide feedback for others. You can also link to videos and/or replays that illustrate something that happens in your drama.

Here is mine:


The Zerg was on his last leg as he took his third base at the 37 minute mark. The enemy Terran had moved past the Lair at the Zerg's natural, deciding rather to attack the main base of the Zerg. The force of Marines was taken out by some Banelings that had been burrowed around the Zerg's main Hatchery, but not before significant damage had been dealt. The Spawning Pool was gone. The Hydralisk Den was gone. Roaches were useless as the Terran had covered half of the map with Planetary Fortresses -- it would take forever for Roaches to burrow their way through the maze of structures. The only remaining useful combat unit against ground he could produce was the Mutalisk.
This was it. For the most efficient strike, he would have to mass as many Mutalisks as he possibly could. After a good 10 minutes worth of mining, he had successfully accumulated 10,000 gas and 15,000 minerals. He was ready. The next process was a horrible one filled with sacrifices and supply blocks. Once the Zerg realized that more Overlords would be useless in providing supply, there was only one thing he could resort to in order to make more Mutalisks -- he selected the Mutas he had, and painfully targeted one of his faithful Drones. He did so again. After this, he selected his Lair, selected his Larvae, and built another Mutalisk. He was then supply blocked again.
"Why, oh why can't I just morph two Drones into a Mutalisk like the Protoss can morph Templar into Void Rays?" he cried. He winced as he thought of the nightmare of mass Void Rays melting everything in their path, including his Zerg armies.
He continued to repeat the same process of killing two drones, selecting his Lair, selecting the Larvae, and building another Mutalisk. Each Drone scream made him shudder, but this had to be done.


MEANWHILE, the Terran was about to execute a very specific timing, using music he was playing on a personalized playlist consisting of one song to help him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uFIXCDCfDE
I'll make one... later...

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