I did not receive a beta key! HELP?

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I just pre-ordered heart of the swarm from battle.net and did not receive a beta key! I was told that I would receive one, and so I pre-ordered it! I did not receive it and I am damn annoyed! Only reason I pre-ordered it was for beta for the time being, then the real thing when it comes out. If I don't receive one, I may as well have bought it when it come out, and spend that money on something else... Anyone know why I did not receive one? and how to?

You get the beta key in your email. It sometimes takes a day or two to arrive.
As far as I am aware, you do not get a beta key for just ordering HotS, well at least from Battle.net online store orders.

If this is a promotion from a 3rd party retailer, you will need to contact them.
There isn't a beta key for ordering from blizzard, you need to order from Amazon or Gamestop, or another retailer depending on where you are.
If you don't want to cancel the blizzard pre-order, you can pre-order from Amazon, wait for the e-mail with your beta key, and then cancel the order on Amazon at no cost. Amazon doesn't charge until your item is shipped.

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