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I have been trying to install from a retail DVD and from the downloaded client to a Win 8 Pro machine but can't get the installer to create a folder to install the program to. I have turned off all firewalls and antivirus software with no luck.

The error message pops up after I select an install location and hit the install button. The message is:

"ERROR: The file "(WEIRD CHARACTER)\STARCRAFT II" could not be found. If problem persists please contact Blizzard Technical support (isAbsolutePath/ path is not absolute)

The part about the "Weird Character" is exactly that. it looks like the top half of an exclamation point but with no period on the bottom.

I am the administrator and am running the program in Admin mode.

Any ideas?
Did you get the exact same error using the Installer from ? Either way, I've seen somewhere that this happens when the installer can't access your 'Documents' folder.
You have to elevate rights by right-clicking and choosing "Run As Admin."

I'm a Windows 8 Pro user. Running both WoL and HoTS beta. No problems other than the same FPS issues everyone else has.
I have same problem, but have run as admin with no success. Any other ideas??

I have run client from both sites on
Did the "right click-run as admin" with no luck. Still get same error. I have both the DVD and the Dl'ed client and have no luck to install. Anything else???
Yes, even the DL'ed client from BATTLE.NET. Can't get it to find the install folder.

Any ideas??
Can you try it on another User Account in Windows?
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Well...I don't understand why but that did it! It's installing!

Thanks for the help!

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