Wait, what? Nukester got the boot.

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I went to my Computer guide thingy to add a bit more, and noticed something...

Nukester is completely missing, after a search, I've found that hes been completely erased from history.....

Huh. Interesting, guess he got the boot for good this time.
You aren't kidding. Can't find any of his posts.
Poof. Must of happened over the week end, or sometime between yesterday and today. Guess the Politician is dead O.o
Or a red shirt.
Lol, or that. I'll have to post something in that....Resnov need to do something.
I can see that evil thoughts are a brewing.
*looks into sky*
Well Nukes, I'm pretty sure your reading this, and that we will probably mysteriously receive a "new" guy withing a week or 2. But, I can't say that it was fun. I got accusations that sprouted from your trolling ways. But I will say that you have good RP skills. Good luck in ban land.

past actions 2/10
Later actions (I'm not aware of how you were banned.) 7.5/10
Intermediate actions 4.5/10
It was interesting to search for Nukester's posts.
I finally found one on page 13 of In Glory We Return. The only reason it is still there is because he deleted it.

So anywhere that has -Deleted by Nukester- is still there.
Zanon, when are you actually leaving?
It's like in 1984:

"He's been vaporized."
He probably deserved it for whatever caused him to fall over the edge... Oh well... I hope fourty dollars will convince him not to troll.

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