A Rift in Shadow Valley (Story)

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Getting better by the post. it still feels kinda rushed, but it's getting better. Or, then again, I could have just gotten used to reading a crapton of detail. Keep it up!

Alright, whatever... I don't see it though. Jus' sayin.
Those are the purely logical answers Mark, do keep in mind I have reasoning for all this that will be revealed in time.
Note: This Post signals the temporary discontinuation of this story in favor of an RP based on it, this story may be used as the intro.



The doctor approached the wife and husband, and told them the terrible news.

"It's....unlikely that he'll wake up, do you wish for us to pull the plug, or keep him alive?"

The woman broke down crying into her husbands arms, who responded, "Keep him alive, there may yet still be a chance." They thought of losing both their children, and could not stand it, they were determined to keep him alive, somehow. The doctor went, and told the nurse to not unplug the feeding machine keeping the young man alive, they were going to wait it out.
Joshua is going to end up hospitalized and he is the parents son.

I don't see anything wrong with what Dacder did.... Also the fact remains that somethings just come more naturally than others and for all we know they weren't thinking and they were going off of instincts.

And am I the only one that manages to complete the art that is the Black Screen?
No, but it wasn't a key detail for him.
By the way, I'm doing this while at the Video game club at school. :D
So don't expect to much of me though. :/
Dude...Video game club? That's awesome.
Who were the people saying I needed to get out slightly more? Search for familiar grounds first. :P
I know, I know. I'm just saying my high school was never that cool.
:P :P :P :P :P

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