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The door opens and there is a single man looking at you, bored. He looks up from his newspaper and with several strokes of a key, the wall behind him disappears and an elevator train awaits. You step inside the train with others, anxious. The wall closes behind you and the train lurches downward.

An announcer piques up through the loudspeakers, "Greetings and welcome to Folrum Research Facility. This automated tram system is provided for the convenience and security of the Folrum personnel. The time is 8:47 AM. Current topside temperature is at 85 degrees and an estimated high of 97 degrees. This compound is comfortably regulated at the pleasant temperature of 67 degrees at all times. This train is inbound from level 3 dormitories. If your intended destination is a high security area beyond sector C, you will need to return to the central transit hub in area 9 and board a high security train. If you have not yet submitted your identity to the retinal clearance system, you must report to Folrum personnel for processing before you will be permitted into the high security branch of the transit system.

"Due to the highly sensitive materials routinely handled in the Folrum compound, no smoking, eating, or drinking are permitted within the Folrum transit system. If must engage in these activities, please head to designated areas located throughout the compound. Please keep your limbs inside the train at all times. Do not attempt to open the doors until the train has come to a complete halt at the station platform. In the event of an emergency, passengers are to remain seated and await further instruction. If it is necessary to exit the train, disabled personnel should be evacuated first. Please, stay away from electrified rails and proceed to an emergency station until assistance arrives. Have a nice day."
Words appear on the screen as the announcer continues:







The highest clearance level is 5. Everyone will start out with a clearance level of 2. In case you have not noticed, that is your application format above. For our purposes, you are newly assigned to the job and know little of the facility save that it is "extensive".

This RP is realistic in the most hardcore sense. At any point in time, you will die with no warning at my discretion unless you can brilliantly write your way back to life. Even the most carefully planned action may backfire on you.

You are all humans and will recieve ZERO enhancements throughout the RP. Basically, whatever training/experience your character has will be just that at the start although experience is always gained. Gear and equipment do not count towards this. In addition, any guards will only be limited to a measly pistol at the start.

The basic unit archetype you can be is anyone that will be needed in a facility.

This takes place in the SC2 universe.
Are you ready to unlock the secrets of Area 27?

Props to those who got the reference...
Oh dear gods, it's "half-life, the RP"!!! Not sure if I want to join or shudder and pray for the poor souls that do...
^ He gets it! Now are there any takers?
Why the hell not.....

SUBJECT: Violet Cassanada

EDUCATION: Political Science At University of New Oxford.


ASSIGNMENT: Assist in the running of Area 27


ADMINISTRATIVE SPONSORS: University of New Oxford research department.


Appearance: 5'8, slender, lithe build, roughly 130 pounds. Dark blue hair, and dark blue eyes to match, which are deep and slightly larger than average. Rarely wears a smile, and never any jewelery. She had natural beauty, and didn't wear make-up either. She wears a black sweater over a t-shirt, and black pants along with clean white sneakers.

Age: 20

Backstory: She was a gifted child, being put into high school at 12, and graduating with honors and AP classes under her belt at 16. She went to New Oxford, and graduated Poly-science 2nd in her class. She was sent here, to this place, to advise for the board/leader(s) here.
If you like. Not a priority to be honest.

Looks good so far.
I've only played some of Half Life 2 so I didnt see...

SUBJECT: Vex Zerash

EDUCATION: Military Academy

POSITION: Head Guard

ASSIGNMENT: Keep the security of Area 27. Inside and Out.



except that i have a bunch of other things to do i .... might ..... join
Subject: Traethian Dhanis.

Education: Brotherhood IH disciplines, Kay-Oh! Incorporated standard employee training (Class CC PF-R).

Position: Data manager.

Assignment: Prevent leaks.

Clearance: 2

Administrative Sponsors: *shrug*

Disaster Response Priority: Destroy |||CENSORED|||, monitor escape according to Brotherhood standards, protect Kay-Oh! assets.

What? I'm assuming you are trying to connect it to some other RPs with that character. The answer is no.
No he isn't. The Brotherhood is well, everywhere. And Kay-Oh! is just something he'll add randomly when he likes to.
Well, I haven't the foggiest idea who are the Brotherhood or what is Kay-Oh! but there will be no connections at all from other RPs.
Then you just killed your own RP off. There are few RPs that aren't linked. Not anymore. And even then, there are references.
Then mine is the exception.
The Brotherhood is not from an RP.

Nor is Kay-Oh! The latter is something I input whenever I can't think of a name, and the former is not connected to an individual RP.
12/12/2012 01:03 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Nor is Kay-Oh!
Kay-Oh! is pretty much a company that is a jack of all trades in everything. From training young students in the way of the nerd and producing a film script for a movie.
My answer is still no. Experiment with new characters or keep the same character but remove those factions/companies. I did a quick search on the forums and I don't want any of it. I'm going for a purist run here.

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