Sundered Earth

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The sand shifted under the weight of the columns of siege tanks rolling across the great arid dunes. Companies of infantry marched alongside the tanks. Overhead, a squadron of vikings flew ahead of the battalion. Several battle hellions guarded the rear.

Near the center of the group, the visor of a marine opened, revealing a burly man with a scar running diagonally across his nose. He lit up a cigar and placed it on his mouth.

"Major Shawn, remind me why we are moving out in this hellish desert?"

The major tilted his head slightly at the lieutenant. "Lt. Kennedy, the commander has told us to move out in order to erect a fortified position on the Zerg forces before commencing an attack. That means we are moving out to create a defensive position near our enemy. You of all people should know this."

Lt. Kennedy gave an audible sigh. "It''s just the Zergs are always so damn mobile and this environment is perfect for those buggers. Have you heard what happened to Gamma company? They went first and they were annihilated before they made it halfway across the battlefield. Only some five percent of the company made it back and many of them where wounded.

"I heard what happened and I lost some good friends there. They won't catch us twice with the same tactis. We follow orders and our orders are to secure a suitable area to attack. It's only a few more kilos away. It should not take us more than half an hour at our pace."

"I hope you're right major."

"Me too Lt."

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