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I can't let PKA finish the way it did, so I vote someone comes up with a follow up RP with new characters, story line, and sub plots. I mean, there will be mentions, but following the same characters as in the original PKA? It would get boring. So, I guess I'm asking for a vote.
... I'm glad it ended... But our problem was the dumbassity that we followed suit within it. And do you really believe that Mecha (who wanted to do a remake...) should be allowed to RP as the characters with his skills?

P.S...... At grandparents.
Well, if he cleans them up a bit. I'll tell you right now, Terance Gold, my new character, wouldn't let Jukalisk leave the room alive. Or, at least with a tongue. So, trust me, there will be things to limit. There'd be a set of application rules and such, I just can't DM it. Not good enough at making ideas.

Edit-That last name is prone to be changed, so don't get used to it.


But he wouldn't fit the mood and personality of all the people of Draconus's... You might as well create a new RP that has a similar concept but nothing the same, not using your students as a weapon against your enemy.
No, no, no, I'm not saying use Drac's people. I'm saying reuse the asteroid, but for a school that trains elite soldiers for Poltergeist.
As in someone bought the property... But isn't this the same Asteroid that is the Poltergeist Base?
No, Drac explained awhile ago that it's two separate asteroids. And he gave me an idea for a villian. Drac, if you're reading this, mind filling us in on Luna a bit?
What should the timeline for this be? So we know who's acceptable and what not... We must noaw!

And if I join such a thing... They wont be joining Poltergeist though if I make a character. :/
Actually had enough of Poltergeist to tell you the truth.
I had a blank in my mind, so I threw in the only thing I could think of. And they don't have to join, it just gives them a free pass if they do. about...6 years after the original PKA?
Heh, might work out. But who would be the teachers and staff?
That's the tricky part. We could make some up, or we could ask Drac for help. I mean, they would be employed by Poltergeist, even if the students aren't. I'm sure Kentel would still be the janitor.
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I'm glad it ended
Mark, you didn't even participate, so you has no room to speak. He was just lost with all the sudden plots within plots, as was I.

I know. I'm still glad it ended. I felt like it was too had to keep up with. I enjoy keeping up with RP's even though Im not in them, and that one seemed to be a 26 thread of chaos! It also seemed to consume everyones time.

That's just me though.
Only if the subplot concerned you. Other than that, it was chaos, which was half the fun.
Lol, alright, whatever.
So, seeing as Cayl would be the only one to really know about Luna besides Shadow, Cayl would end up being the Academy Head, with, as Kroger reminded me, Flint and Jessica. And I would sorta use this time to cover the short time Cayl was with Poltergeist. Maybe.
Not necessarily... Raven maybe?
Drac gave a list of important plot points he didn't get to do. Cayl was the only one he told about Luna. However, Drac will need to fill in the holes, as I still don't know much about her.
So... They don't need to know about Luna and Cayl seems like he would be better off back home than as a teacher... No offense.

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