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Kay-Oh! Incorporated will be happy to fund a school for elite troops.
I see your point, CR, but we need some kind of villian. Plus, well, I'm drawing blanks for real ideas right now. I mean, I need to cover Cayl's time in Poltergeist at some point.
How about you do a villain that is a villain but in a way, he/she/it didn't really have the choice and what they thought they were doing was right.
That's Luna...I think. I don't know, I'll keep it in mind as I brainstorm. *Gets a box of popsicles and starts brainstorming.*

In view of that...I miss Jay...
...Luna would have never fit into that description. I mean true belief that what they are doing is for the best of everyone.
Shadow was involved with both Kay-Oh! and especially the Brotherhood.
"I believe that the Ravius's would get the Academy."
It isn't a matter of who would get it period, it's a matter of who would get it based on the villain.
I was in PKA for like a thread, then left. Didn't even write an end for my character, but at least I left at a good time. I would probably join a sequel, but I have no idea as to how you would make one.
That's the current debate. First is staff and teachers, then enemies, and characters last.
You could make it a sort of 20 years later thing so its still the same academy but with new people.
"Staff and teachers would probably be well seasoned veterans in battle, most of which from the previous academy. And Mecha, the Ravius's and Zaros would be able to live to 1000 years of age, give or take, so twenty years will make no difference."
I wasn't thinking that far ahead, but I see your point. So let's decide on a time base first then.
Ah, heck. I guess if we remake it, I could join. Going to have to put some fun things into production for a good Zerg person, but I think I could keep up.
I would totally join another if it came up.

I wish Crymson's RP hadn't ended due to financial crisis. :<
He'll probably do a redux, Fen, no worries. He's just letting things sort themselves out.

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