This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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"I'll get them, make some cover for me?"
With the sound of shattering ice, the Bandit CO stands up and charges Jared with murderous hate.
I curse and roll out of the way, coming up with an energy blade and slicing a hamstring. "Look buddy, killing you would be a favor, but we have questions."
I unfold Darkstryker, and kill two Beastmasters. The others fire pistols at me and run.

"Cover!" I lay prone in the dirt.
With shorted circuits, he falls to his knees, sliding a couple of feet. Awkwardly turning, he draws a combat knife.
I draw the other energy blade. "Look pal, I'm not going to kill you until I have answers. So give up."
He flicks his helmet open, his eyes inhuman and primitive. Taking the knife in both hands, he stabs himself through the neck and topples forward, dead.

Flying through the air, I fire off a set of frag rounds, crippling the remaining Beastmasters.
"Damnit! In the bunker!"

{Stefan! You comin'? Or are ya gonna assist Cole?!}
I curse and dive into the bunker, tackling an emerging soldier and running him through. "We take off the next ones hands and legs."
"I got the perfect thing for that..." I point to Darkstar. "So thats what the jagged hook endings are for..."
Landing with a resounding thud, I spray the remaining Bandits with penetrator rounds. Ducking inside the bunker, I shake my head;
"This is crazy!'
"At least it's a bit of challenge. I was getting tired of mindless foes." I look around. "The guard I interrogated said the prisoners were in here somewhere. Where do we start?" I check the next room, seeing only the bloody remains for bandits caught by penetrator rounds. "Damn..."
"Let's just keep going...-" I hear a loud screeching noise in my head. I hold my head in the intense pain. It passes soon after. "!@#$... I think we're close to that Kerrigan thing." I keep moving, Darkstar in hands.
"And this is where I come in handy."
I say, tapping away at a security console. In a few moments I bring up a floor plan of the bunker;
"Now... where would I keep prisoners here?..."
I murmur, looking over the schematics.
I search another room, finding weapons lockers. "Hey, we got weapons here. Who's for busting open the lockers?"
I kick the door in then rip it off the top hinge. "Answer." We see...
I logout, and enter the room;
"No need."
I say, using my ID pass to open them up.

More standard issue NR rifles (battle and assault) plus plenty of ammo.
Any power guns perhaps?
I already kicked the door in...

Not for now.

IC: "Let's go, this way..." I go towards the end of the bunker towards the stairs.
I sigh and grab the ammo, sticking it in the pack on my back. "Well, at least this was a semi successful trip." {McKenzie, bring the APC to the compound. Confirmed cleared of hostiles on the outside.}
There were more than one.
You can give the rooms, I'll fill in the details.

Remember by standard issue, I mean the 3 round type. (pen, frag and explosive) and that's what the ammo is for. you'll need a NR gun to use the stuff.

Following behind Kain, I try and remember the layout for NR bunkers.

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