This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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"So I'll need to find the on switch again? Great..."
I nod, noting her 'tendrils';
"You wouldn't happen to have any kind of regeneration capabilities?"
I ask carefully.
"Well, this may or may not be possible, or have a better outcome... But... Can you tell the forecast? Or create some form of a storm without draining yourself?"
I shake my head. "On the spot? No. With some preparation, yes. Why?"
"I ..... don't know most of my memory is just a grey haze."
"The power lines tll use lighting conductors." I say pointing at a power line above.
I nod, catching on to what he means. "I'd need the exact location of each conductor. Make the strikes more accurate."
"Well, I'll get on that." I pull out my data-pad and scan for the conductors while he prepares.
I sit down and focus, drawing energy from the earth beneath me. This way I would have the excess needed to make the storm.
I nod sympathetically;
"It was like that for me as well. I can remember things more clearly now, but it's only just snippets here and there.. Sorry to ask, but I'm the group's designated medic, so I like to know who can take care of themselves, so to speak."
"Yeah I wish I knew but there are only two ways to find out. Either I get injured or my memory clears in regard to that bit of information."
I shrug, as best one can in a suit of power armor;
"Well, let's not go rushing to find out, you'll remember soon enough."
"Yeah ....." A shot rings out just after a round cuts straight through the armor on my left arm and out the other side. The round does not hit bone. Almost immediately after a Mutalisk appears flying directly towards the window where a sniper was frantically trying to shift to fire at the Mutalisk. The Mutalisk rams into the side of the building eating the sniper but gets ripped apart by a large amount of concentrated fire, acid goes all over the side of the building and the area around it.
Wait... What the hell happened to the beast masters?
I was kinda assuming that they were tapping into her psionics and thus a burst directly from the source would 'override' what ever tech they were using but .... I'll edit it out if ya wish once my laptop decides to work ....
"What the hell?!"
I yell, simultaneously keeping track of the muta and Oraia's wound.
We were waiting on you to determine that, Koro XD
OOC: and what zark just said .....

IC: "Dam ....." I look at the wound but the bleeding has already stopped and from what i can tell from my vantage point and through the pain, the wound seems to already be healing.
Ok. Sorry, haven't been active lately

DM: It comes around to attack again, but suddenly retreats into the building it came from. Almost in fear...
"How are those locations coming, Kain?" The storm was almost ready, just needed to know where to strike now.

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