This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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"They are located above each of the building sectors."
"Find a way to mark them. The more accurate I can be, the better."
I mark close to where each one is located, there are a total of 5. "Best I can do,"
I nod and focus on the five points. Soon three bolts of lightening strike each spot, hopefully hitting the junctions. "That do it?"
"Hell, it did it so much, we need to use some power now, or the sh!t'll overload."
{Stefan, do what you need to, or things are gonna go boom.}
{Right! I'll get right to it.}
I reply, quickly returning to the computer terminal and logging in. Retracing my steps, I bring up the details on the automated defenses...
Guardian Turrets - 12
AA-Betteries - 6
Pop-Up Turrets - 10
Automated Robotic Defenders - 5
Point Defense Drone Placements - 4

(3 drones per placement)
I grin, looking over the data;
{Everybody get in here, I want to make sure that the AI doesn't target us when I bring the guns online.}
I look at Kain and shrug, heading to where Stefan is. "Got enough power?"
I walk around the corner a stand next to the computer console. The hole in my armor obvious with a path of dried blood leading from it down my arm.

OOC: Koro you are needed in Resurrection
I close the door to make sure none try to ambush us.
With everyone in the room, I reset the targeting systems so that only we are all recognized as friendly;
"There we go, now we can use the guns to clear out the bandits."
I lean against a wall and draw the Lancer, just in case they made a run for it. "Let's do this."
OOC: i love how nobody seems to even slightly notice Oraia's wound :P

IC: I glance at the hole in my armor which is starting to close itself. Unknown to me my suit is made up of an advanced version of Regenerative Bio-Steel. The pain is gone and from what I can tell in the quick glance my wound has long since healed. Is .... that normal? I ask myself getting my rifle off my back and hitting the safety.
They're all a bit preoccupied atm. Plus it's healed so why worry?
"One second." I go inside and look at one of the bodies. I pry a gun out of his hand. A shotgun.

I pump it with one hand then hold it in both. I get in position to open the door. "Hell yea." I open the door and scan for any runners.
I cover Kain, watching for runners and checking for any other Zergy surprises.
A Mutalisk flies out and shoots a wurm at me, I block with Darkstar's shield, then blast it with the Shotgun.

"WHO THE !@#$ ELSE WANTS SOME!?" I start running to the building it came from, one of the barracks.
I pump it full of rounds from the Lancer then resume watch for anything else. "Stefan, hurry up."

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