This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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{Everything has a purpose. Theirs is either to help others or survive. And helpin us is a plus. Or they're just giving back from when we rescued them.}
{I don't know. The lead one said something about helping a dying race was their honor.} I think hard on what the Dark Templar had said yet again. Dying race...could it mean what I fear it does? {Kain, how long do you think we've been here?}
{About a month and some change... Wh-} I was about to ask why, but I already knew what he was thinking.
{The leader mentioned that we're a dying race. You don't think...that the civil got that bad, did it?}
{it is a possibility... I mean we are humans. And things like this have happened before...}
{But dying? How bad is it?}
{As far as I know, Korprulu humans are f*cked. And from my memory we aren't there anymore. All of us took a ship somewhere, and... That's all I really know... When I think about that though, that black thing in the trees pops up in my head for some reason...#
{I remember the ship too...something about trying to mend differences with a mixed unit...Agh, my head hurts when I try and think about it too long.} I rubbed my temples, trying to get rid of the headache that had sprung up. {What in the hell happened to us?}
{I don't know. And I don't know what hell is... But I think I can say I went there... Now I need to see if I can say I made I back..}
McKenzie jump-jets down to the ground floor, and looks at the bodies of dead Zerg.
{Hey, anyone want some Zergling ribs? I'll cook, something to get my mind off the attack.} She radios, her voice showing she was distracted.
{Eh, I don't trust Zerg DNA, even if its "dead"}
{Don't use the lisk. It only makes good jerky.} I shift the channel back to Kain. {I didn't mean Hell literally...but I see your point.}
{Okay.} She hesitates for a second, then makes her way to the Zerglings to cut up.
{For the Dark Templar's sake, I hope the bases automated defenses are off-line; those things can pack one hell of a punch...}
{I'm pretty sure Jordan marked em as friendly. Or they have some damn good cloaking.}
{I only marked 'em on our turrets. Can't speak for the others. Although, if prior experience says anything, there's no power on at hardly any of the other bases.}
A few hours later they return. "We found the base, it is quite large. Many 'Confused Ones' occupy it. Also. There... There is a great psionic presence there... One similar to something of the past..."
"Confused Ones? And similar to the past? I'm so confused myself right now." I'd just finished helping repair the armor integrity and now I was working on the mode shift gears.
"Humans who have lost their way. And the presence is similar to that to... Kerrigan...". Her name spits out of his words like a disease.
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Her name spits out of his mouth like a disease
*mega eye twitch* protoss have no mouth *eye twitch* NONE

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