This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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"Here we go.."
I say, pushing the activation key, somewhat apprehensively;
...I hope the targeting systems are still working...
Within a few moments, turrets begin popping up around the base and start gunning down hostiles.
SF, if you can post...
I think Shadow Fury keeps forgetting he's in this.
12/19/2012 03:13 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
I smiled, I guess we were sticking with them... For now that was. "Come on Jordan... Maybe we should... Surprise them?"
I grab my three guns and jump out with a couple grenades. "Fine then. How do you think we would best do this?"

"Sorry, really need to start paying attention to this. It moves quickest when I'm not around and then I become lazy and don't read what I missed."
I checked over my Anti-Material Rifle. Loaded with a round that three of my fingers in length... Such deadly firepower behind such a wonderful piece of equipment. Time for the !@#$ to fly loose. Gearing myself up for the possibility of death. "Jordan, I don't know how we should do it... Maybe jump out of the bushes and make them %^-* their pants?" I made it sound like I was playing with him.
I grin. "Sounds like loads of fun." I check the revolver and nod. "Let's get going then."
It's alright, just try not to leave CR hanging. And just ask for a recap and someone'll give one to ya.

IC: "So, Stefan. Think you can pull up any local data files?"
Listening to the sounds of the turrets, I relax a little. "I agree. The more we can know, the better."
"Can do..."
I say, quickly moving through the system;
"I'm going to have to make this quick, because I have no idea how long that power surge is going to last.."
I mutter, bringing up a pile of data files and recordings...

Give me a general idea of what Stefan's going to find. I'm also going to include something for Stefan's past...
"It'll last a bit..." I say assuring him that Jared's storm powered it a lot. Any records on "Lunar 1" and/or why there is such a large NR presence here.
I nod in agreement. "There was enough energy in those bolts to keep this place going for a good couple weeks."
"Nature. Nothin' could beat that mother." I say, leaning against the wall.
"Not in the least." I glance down the hall, looking for survivors. "You know, we never did find those Beast masters."
I check how many rounds are in the shotgun, then load 3 rounds in (wasn;t ful lwhen I found it) and say, "Let's go huntin' then. Oraia, make sure no one !@#$s with Stefan please, me and Jared'll get rid of the Beast masters."
"Yeah sure." I say a tiny bit distracted but I focus on keeping people from messing with Stefan.
I lead the way out into the hall the Mutalisk had come from and start checking rooms. "Wonder if they'll have Zerg with them."
"Hell, if they do I'm popping some heads." I say Readying the shotgun
I shake my head and quietly chuckle at Kain's comment. scrolling through the files, I find the first log entry from the base's late CO;
Commander's Log, first entry;
The base is up and running and we're making our preliminary search for the
zerg. Despite the seriousness of the urgent message we received, there appear
to be no sign of the zerg... All attempts to contact the Houston about this
matter have been unsuccessful due to a severe solar storm that does not seem
likely to abate anytime soon...

(The Log goes on to talk about the uneasy but so far peaceful cooperation with the Lorians and Shades.)

As I continue to skim through more of the CO's logs, the violent and sudden discovery of the zerg is talked about as well as the increasing tension between the soldiers. Looking farther, the CO seems to begin to wander more and more as the number of zerg attacks continue to rise. Finally, the logs loose all sense of coherency and then stop all together.
I chuckle and kick in another door, finding more bodies. "Maybe the security measures we high jacked got 'em."
"Only one way to find out." I look in a room, clearing the corners. More dead bodies.

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