This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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I move on to the next, kicking in the door and clearing it, shooting up the area behind the door as a precaution. Nothing but the dead. "This is gonna take too long. {Stefan, mind bringing up the security feeds for all the rooms? Clearing each room individually will take too long and give them a chance to escape.} There. Hopefully they had cameras."
"Pretty sure." I say pointing at a black orb protruding from the wall.
"So... Where do you think they are at?"
I nod and step out into the hall, watching it.
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IC: "So who the hell are we fighting right now?" I ask not entirely sure what is going on.
"Not a clue. We really should've found this out beforehand..." I reply with a tone of regret.
SF: why are you replying to Oraia? she is with Stefan ........
"I am replying to Crymson." "This image summarizes what I am thinking right now."
"Yes... We should have asked them."
"Well, what do we do now?" I ask, not really knowing what else to do.
I realize we still don't have the APC and sigh. {Anyone on this frequency in Sanctuary, please for the love of Gaia retrieve the APC and bring it to these coordinates.} I transmit the coordinates and wait.
{Also, I'm kinda hungry. So bring some food} I say semi-jokingly.

An explosion is heard in the building, somewhere near the back and a level up.
I chuckle then hear the explosion. "You hear that?"
"Yeah. Maybe some crazies blowin sh!t up. Lets go check it out."
I nod and move down the hallway, the Lancer leading the way. "What the hell would they have that needs blowing up? Granted, these guys are the smartest yet, but...I don't know..."
"Maybe a Mutalisks got out of control and they had an accide-" Another explosion is heard, followed by a man yelling out orders


"You hear that? There are others here! Probably NRMC."
I nod and pick up the pace, coming to a set of stairs. "You first, I'll watch for surprises."
Oh... is this my bunch of survivors?...

{What the hell is going on?!}
I ask, quickly making my way toward the chaos, thanks to my jump-jets.
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IC: I start running in the direction of the chaos aswell.
{No idea, go back and check the cameras. There are still three beast masters who can manipulate Zerg out there and we need to find them.} I come around a corner and see several bandits running down the hall. I open fire, dropping three of them before being pushed back into cover. {Damn, there were more than we thought.}

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