This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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Oops. My bad.
12/25/2012 08:07 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
IC: "So who the hell are we fighting right now?" I ask not entirely sure what is going on.

"Bandits, crazies, whatever the hell you want to call them. The ones around here were all from the New Republic Marine Corps."
OOC: Imma have you do the survivors okay Warhawk?

IC: I go down, fires raging and another explosion ignites, I hear the same man yelling. They're close. Shots ring out from a shotgun and I fade. {They're on the stairwell below us, get over here.} I say to Jared.
I lean out and pull back quickly as shots ring off the concrete. {Little easier said then done right now.} I pop out, shooting as I run and dive into the stairwell. {Anyone following us watch yourselves. There's a group of crazies just outside the stairwell.}
"Hey! If you can stay where you're at! We're here to help!" I start going down and one tries to ambush me with an axe. I grab his arm and break it, he drops the axe and I throw him down the stairs and he lands in front of one of the three survivors.
I spin around as another leaps into the stairwell with a pair of knives. Disarming him, I put three rounds in his chest and kick him against the wall.

All three of the survivors are in power armor; one has a assault rifle & a basic support pack, the other two have magnums and an engineering & heavy weapons support pack, respectively. The one with the assault rifle looks between the corpse and Kain;
"A Shade... not exactly who I'd like to see, but one can't be choosy."
The Survivor says, their voice filtered.
I glance back down as I take up a position and resume exchanging fire with the bandits. "Quit complaining and let's go! We can figure out who's who later."
Just realized... what about the turrets? are they going to fire on these guys?
Nah. Gives us something to do.
"The fact im helping you is nausiating, move your asses, we got a safe zone where we've been hiding out. Lets go." I throw a frag down the stairs and block any others coming up.

The one with the assault rifle shakes her head and lifts her visor;
"We've got a wounded navy pilot. We had her lock herself in a room a little ways back for.. safety reasons."
She says with a grimace.
"I'll get him, the rest of you move your asses. Kain, I don't think we'll be getting the APC anytime soon." I fire another volley, pulling back to avoid getting shot. "Where is the pilot?"
With a heavy thud, I drop down the stairs and stop cold at the sight of the three NR survivors. After a few moments I finally speak up;

Comes the equally shocked reply.
I sigh, firing again. "Reunions later, getting our asses out of here now. Stefan, get them the hell out of here. I'll give cover fire. Go straight to the left of the door. From there take the first hall on your right. Should take you back to the computer console."
Sarah shakes her head and turns to me;
"12th door on the right, down this hall; theres a wounded navy pilot~"
She's cut off by the roar of my jump-jets as I go rocketing down the hallway.

Rolling her eyes, she closes her visor and turns to Jared;
"Take point, and get us the hell out of here!"
I growl and create a line of flame following the designated path. "I'll get Stefan, you follow that line. Don't stop until you reach the computer terminal."
Sarah nods and leads the other two off, following the trail of fire.

Grinding to a halt, I try the door button, finding it locked as expected. Rapping my fist on the door, I call out;
"Open up, I'm with the NRMC, we can gut you to safety!"
I wait several agonizing seconds before the door hisses open, revealing a badly wounded woman in a NRN uniform slumped against the wall, listless. Her left leg and side appears to have been torn up by penetrator rounds. Blue and purple bruises are visible on her face and through several nasty gashes on her uniform.
I sprint after Stefan, reaching him as the door opens. "Are you f*cking crazy? You're gonna get yourself killed!" I turn and fire on the emerging bandits, forcing them to stay in the stair well. "Where the hell are they even coming from?"
I drop to my knees in front of the now unconscious woman;
"No one gets left behind."
I say. Pulling off my gauntlets, I rest my unarmored hands on her shattered leg. within a few moments a pure white glow begins to envelop my hands...
I notice the glow but get distracted with the bandits coming from the stairwell. "Stefan, you has some splainin' to do when we get out of here." I fire another volley and take cover from the late counter attack, a man in power armor with a minigun. "Ah, you gotta be sh!tting me! Stefan, pick up the pace!"

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