This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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Me and the NR survivors make it to the command center.
I close the door as we make it inside. "New Republic... Never though I'd see one of you and not kill you. Then again, I have been with Stefan. I take it you two know eachother?" I say and keep my mask on.
My only response is a barely audible grunt as sweat starts to bead my forehead. The glow picks up a steady pulse, which flares, spreading through her leg and out through the rest of her body.

As the glow fades, her wounds have been healed. the only sign that they were there is the damage to her uniform and delicate red tinge in place of the wounds.

Sarah nods;
"I'm his sister. Sarah Alexander."
She says, extending her hand.
You mean "I'm his sister"? Or is a guys name now Sarah...

I can't believe I didn't see that. Fixed.
I fire another volley, pushing the bandits back. "Come on, lets go!"
I snap my gauntlets back into place and gently sling her over my shoulder;
"Give me cover fire, I'll make a run for it! On 3, 2, 1..."
I squint for a second.
She's willing to set aside past aggressions. Can you?
Also she's Stefan's sister. She can't be that bad...

"Kain, Orin." I firmly shake her hand, seeing she's a marine, pretty sure she can take it.
"Covering fire!" I pop out and open fire with flame charged rounds, making the bandits take cover. "GO!"
I run out, charging down the hallway towards safety.

She nods and gestures to her companions;
"These ar my compatriots and fellow survivors."
The one with the engineering pack simply shakes his head;
"Save the introductions for later, when we're all here, that is."
I grunt silently, then fade.
I keep up the fire, an aura of flame appearing around me and the air getting hotter. "Stefan, move faster, or find a room with a door!"
You say this to the man in power armor? ok then.

...faster? that I can do...
With that thought, I tap my jump-jets, and go bounding down the hall, crushing an unfortunate pair of bandits that happened to get in the way.
The aura begins to grow hotter and 'solar flares' fly out, roasting a pair of bandits. "Whoa." {Stefan, I think I'm about to go super nova. Get everyone out of the building, cause it's about to get a cleansing by fire.}
{Alright then. Just try not to damage any of the circuitry.}
I open the line up to all frequencies;
{Everyone out! This place is about to get torched!}

Whipping through the building at high speed, I fly out, landing some 15 meters from the building. Sarah and co. quickly run out and join me.
I decloak behind Stefan. "Boo."
I walk outside and reappear, {Jared. Your comms fried, or you still with us...}
The energy was still building, but nearing a peak. {I'm still here. Get ready for the boom.} In a flash of brilliant white hot flame, the building was purged of anything living. I fall to one knee. {Building...*Heavy breathing* Secure.} I pass out, not having expected to use that much energy.

OOC: Better look for Jared's armor.
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I decloak behind Stefan. "Boo."

I jump slightly, turning around;
"That's not a good thing to do to someone from recon. We tend to be rather jumpy."
I say with a slight growl, not really meaning it.

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{Building...*Heavy breathing* Secure.} I pass out, not having expected to use that much energy.

I sigh and shake my head;
"I'll go get him. Sarah, look after our friend here."
I say, slipping the unconscious NRN pilot to the ground.
I heard a signal from who? Jared?

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I'm not sure... will look...

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