This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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12/28/2012 03:31 PMPosted by Zarkun
OOC: Better look for Jared's armor.

The fact I saw halowaypoint on there already gave me an idea of what it looked like..

IC: "I'm happy I keep my mask on all the time. I was looking dead at it..."
I grunt;
"Your telling me. I'll be right back."
I say, making my way back into the building to where Jared was...

kneels down and looks the pilot over;
"What the hell?... She sure wasn't in this good of shape when we left her..."

Found it.

12/25/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Zarkun
I realize we still don't have the APC and sigh. {Anyone on this frequency in Sanctuary, please for the love of Gaia retrieve the APC and bring it to these coordinates.} I transmit the coordinates and wait.
And I also said I want food jokingly.

IC: "People change." I say whipping my finger to add a bit of smart-assery
She shakes her head in disgust;
"And I thought my brother could be bad... You need to understand though, when we left her, her left leg and side was torn up from gunfire, and she was covered by in cuts and bruises... Now look at her! Perfectly fine! I don't understand how..."
"Well... I suppose he should tell you this but I'm not one to care for chronologics and such. But we... recently ran into a Hybrid of Zerg and Protoss origin. And when all our powers hit it at once. It released a burst of energy that included all of ours, and its at the same time. And amplified what we could already do. Stef's got Golden Fingers now."
She looks at Kain irately;
"Sorry call me out of the loop but, Golden Fingers?! Just what are you talking about?!? ... Oh and a piece of advice; don't call him Stef. I can get away with it because I'm his sister, that's the only reason why."
"I think I did once. And he didn't do anything, oh wait. It wasn't to his face. And he is now the Ultimate Medic."
She tilts her head;
"So you're saying that he has psychic healing powers now?"

Probably should get the next thread up.

I was assuming that you'd want to give a description of what Stefan sees as makes his way to Jared.
OOC: I will on page 25

IC: "Psychic? Not sure about that. But yes. Healing powers. We all had some form of power before, now they've been amplified. Like I'm pretty sure Jared couldn't go supernova before. And I can kill things by projecting pure Dark energy now."
She nods;
"Alright, that makes sense in an odd sort of way.. I just hope it didn't manifest his darker side as well..."
She shakes her head;
"Ah whatever. We can deal with that if we have to.."
"Darker side, you say?" I say, trying not to sound eager.
She sighs and shakes her head;
"Forget I said anything about that, I'll ask him about it later."
I don't pay any attention to the conversation going on instead I stare off into space, a blank expression on my face lost in thought.
I fade, then walk towards Oraia, then appear silently.

"Thinking about something?" I say close to her ear, silently.
I clench my fist restraining myself from elbowing him in the gut. "Don't ... do that. Yes I was, I was trying to remember more without getting a headache, didn't work though." I say bringing my other hand to my temple and turning towards Kain.
She simply rolls her eyes;
"And yet another reason not to like you Shades; far too eccentric."
"Sorry but I don't remember much, what is a 'Shade'?" I ask the girl who is seemingly Stefan's sister.
"The Shade Gheists; a subversive organization comprised of psychic assassins. Very much like the old dominion spectres."
"Really?! Compare us to Spectres!? No. We are more than that. We are a (Yes, submersive) organization. We are psychic assassins. But we aren't the vile monsters you and your 'Republic' see us as. We are a front of liberation. Not to free people from oppression. But to free them from the restriction of humanity, and allow them to evolve."

I hold back shooting a Wither bolt at her...

"Watch what you say, or your own mind will haunt itself..."
Sorry, had a Family party.

Stefan sees perfectly clean walls, and piles of ashes where the bandits were incinerated where they stood or fled, depending on the situation. If he were to glance into the rooms, he's see the half incinerated remains of those who tried to hide behind something.

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