This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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Nah, it's all cool.

The other two bristle, but Sarah gives them a look that could kill;
"Everyone's entitled to their opinions, this conversations getting us nowhere."
She says to Kain. With that, she kneels down and tends to the pilot.

I whistle silently at the carnage;
...damn... talk about a clensing flame...
I think to myself, quickly making my way to Jared.

Kneeling down in front of him, I flip open his helmet, remove my glove and tap into my power. Within a few moments, a small serge passes through Jared, waking him;
"Welcome back. That was rather impressive."
I say with a grin.
I groan, still extremely sore and in a lot of pain. "Not sure I plan on doing it again." Standing up slowly, I stretch. "Everyone make it out ok?"
I slip my gauntlet back on and nod;
"Yep, everybody got out fine."
Nodding, I slowly walk towards the door. "Should I look and see how bad it was, or am I better off not knowing?"
I chuckle and gesture around us;
"All that's left is ashes. Nice and clean."
I grin then wince as my ribs pop. "Ouch. Well, at least we can leave in relative peace. Who's that girl to you anyways?"
"Sarah? She's my sister."
I say with a grin.

A bump is probably needed for DarkBlade..
I look at him carefully and then shake my head. "Your sister? You have a sister? Man, I can remember plenty of our conversations before the mind blank, and not once did a sister get mentioned."

OOC: I may have thrown it out there a bit soon. If it dies, I'll redux it come summertime.
I heard the message, thinking that they had already taken the APC already with them? Sheer laziness I say. "Come on Jordan."

OOC: Why must Pokemon OC Nickname be hard!?
I shrug;
"We were in different devisions and companies. I guess I just don't talk about family much. I mean what am I going to say? Hey, I have a little sister who can beat the crap out of me 4 out of 5 times? Not exactly the kind of persona you want to project when you're a recon jock, know what I mean?"
I say with a wry grin.

Sorry but what is a Pokemon OC Nickname?
Disregard that War, although you should know what an OC is, RPers use them all the time.

IC: I chuckle and walk out the door, noticing the others. "I suppose that's a good point. I myself only vaguely remember my brother...wonder if he survived..."
It's a Pokemon OC, and it's a Nickname for my person I'm planning on... Me, Zarkun, Morph, and Thunder are doing it on DA.
OOC: CR: just go with something that your char can do ..... thats how I got mine not sure about Zark's though :P

IC: hmmm interesting. I turn away again and put on my helmet.
Call me out of the loop but I'm afraid I don't know what an "OC" is.
I'm still kinda new to online RPing.

"Then again, she's served as a marine for her entire tour, where as I've served as a combat medic and then recon support.."
I trail off as Sarah gets up and heads in our direction, a flinty look on her face.
OOC: OC=Original Character thats what Stefan is or Kit or Oraia *facepalm*
Noticing the look, I lock down my helmet so no one can get it off. "I think you're heading for the fire, my friend."
I had disappeared, and sat in one of the watchtowers to make sure no bandits decide to emerge, or to see how close McKenzie is. Then I remember our Nerzim friends.

{Hey, if we are letting these NR's in Sanctuary, you should probably tell them bout our Protoss friends.}
Ah, I just didn't know. Thanks.

I grin and shake my head;
"Nah.. she just a bit peeved about something.. probably involving me."

Sarah walks up and rests her hands on her hips;
"Would you mind explaining how the hell you patched up Alicia?"

I shrug;
"I'm not exactly sure myself; it appears the three of us~ (I gesture to Jared, Kain and Me) ~have picked up some.. rather interesting capabilities... There's not really a good explanation for it."
I say with a wry grin.

Sarah sighs and shakes her head;
"Great, out of the frying pan and into the fire, eh?... Well.. thanks for what you did.. it probably saved her life..."

I nod;
"I know..."
I keep walking, then turn around, looking right at Sarah. "Don't shoot the Nerazim at Sanctuary, or I'll make sure your equipment is inoperable for weeks." I walk away, and approach Oraia. "You feeling any better?"
Sarah shrugs;
"We've never had any problems with Nerazim before, so I don't see any reason to start now."

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