This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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I stop what I'm going and slide out of the maintenance shaft. "Kerrigan? What the hell? If Kerrigan is on this...whatever it is, I'm f*cking getting off this rock." {Kain, they just said they felt a presence similar to Kerrigan.}
OOC: I don't know what you're talking about sir... I said words...

DM: "It's not hers though, it is very much like it thoug-"

IC: I walk out with my suit, Darkstryker (rifle) in hands and Darkstar on back. My pistols holstered on my belt. "Time to go f*ckin huntin'." I say pulling the action lever.
I pop up out of the maintenance shaft again, having just fixed the last gear and replaced it, and drop down. "I know. It's similar. Still bad news."
"I'm going to find out what it is."
"I'm going too. Better get Stefan. He'll be the only one with clearance to actually get in."
"Clearance? Screw that, I'm pretty sure our friend meant Bandits by 'Lost ones' so if here there we won't need clearance. But yes, let's get Stefan."
Having heard them from where she was, McKenzie gets on the radio.
{I guess I'll hold the fort, then.}
{Just worry about the outcasts. They're the only two sane enough to try anything.}
{If they start acting up, expect whining about ears being pulled.} McKenzie jokes, but is still quite distracted.
{You sound distracted. What's up?} I wasn't gonna pry, but it was bugging me a team mate was worried.
{I'm not sure. Something just doesn't feel right to me.} She says.
{Wound acting up or somethin'?}
Korozain i will be MIA till sunday night so ..... try to refrain from cuing me till then please .....
{No, I just have the feeling that something is going to happen. I thought it was just from seeing the infested, but I get the feeling whenever I'm here.} McKenzie replies.
{It is starting to feel less secure. Even after the added defenses. Kain?}
I laugh;
"Oh trust me you'll want me along. If the place is large enough, who knows what I'll be able to dig out of it's supply station."
"For now, let's focus on figuring out who would have a psionic signature like the legendary Kerrigan."
I stand there staring at everyone, then the sky. "Jared. Who was your greatest ancestor,"
I shake my head, trying to remember. "Still not sure. Everything concerning my Genealogy is still pretty fuzzy."
"I know... My... Smething grandfather... Was... Something big.... But..." I try to think but I can't, it annoys me and I get a minor headache. I sit down near the firepit.

"This is aggrivating..."

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