This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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{What needs to get done?} McKenzie radios.
12/14/2012 05:58 PMPosted by Zarkun
"For now, let's focus on figuring out who would have a psionic signature like the legendary Kerrigan."

"Probably a descendent of hers... but we'll find out when we get there. Shall we go?"
I nod, checking my equipment and then drawing the Lancer. "Let's go."
I give my jump-jets a short test, and turn to Kain;
"You ready?"
I nod and stand up. "We're going on foot. No noise."
"That could take a while... We should move fast then."
I say, heading off.
I follow, sprinting to keep slightly ahead of the others. "Any idea what to expect?"
"Lots a crazies. And apparently some Zerg.." I say keeping behind Jared.
"And whatever the hell the DT's said was like Kerigin..."
I reply.

Just what's going to be there? In general terms if you don't want to share anything else.
OOC: A hellofalot of bad guys and our new guy. Along with a few other surprises :D

IC: "Yeah... I'll go up this hill and do some overwatch, forest is going away and we'll need the cover."
I kinda figured that; but what about the surprises? Given that the NR are my faction, whenever we come across one of these surprises, I'd like to get a prompt, (ex: a weapons locker, a med bay, a hanger, etc.) so that I can fill in the details. Thanks.

12/15/2012 04:01 PMPosted by Korozain
IC: "Yeah... I'll go up this hill and do some overwatch, forest is going away and we'll need the cover."

Wait, I thought that the NR base was in a jungle...
OOC: Of course. It is, but its quite the bit away. And the biomes in this area are like minecraft (best way I could describe it)
Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

I keep the solid pace of a military march, my eyes open for trouble.
I keep up my sprint, Lancer scanning for trouble. {Its quiet for mutas having flown this way.}
{its an open grassland... Who's knows what the Zerg did he-} On my scope, the ground noticeably moves in the distance. {!@#$ING COVER NOW!!!}
I just raise a wall of earth in front of me, hunkering down behind it. {What we got?}
I drop to one knee, and scan the horizon with my rifle.
{Something crawling around in the dirt. Too big to be a Roach... I'm not sure what it is...} IT disappears from my sight. {I don't see it anymore... But I'd be cautious if you want to move up...}
{Roger.} I look over the wall, looking for any signs of movement. {Infestor maybe?}
{Didn't see a little tail... But still could be, just be careful...}

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