This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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{Copy that.} I go over the wall, moving forward slowly and watching. I wasn't about to be snuck up on.
A chilling presence flows through your body. The feeling of power and creation as one. Purity, and essence...
{You gotta be f*cking kidding me. There's no way...Kain, is there any indication that something is burrow moving?}
{No dirt moving. But something feels amiss... Why, ground rumbling?}
I reply grimly.
{No, I could sense...power, purity of essence and form...Xel'Naga type...But...that can't be right...}
OOC: Sorry for the inactivity...

IC: {That can't mean... Oh God...} The aberration appears in a tainted psionic mist, light blue with a dark purplish hue. Its roar pierces your souls as it charges at you both. {RUN TO THE MOTHERF*CKING JUNGLE!} I fire a few snapshots and start running.
I lunge to the side, rolling into a crouch and firing three fire charged shots before running. {This is bullsh!t! Where the hell did a f*cking Hybrid come from?!}
{Dont know, don't care!} I fire more shots, it slows it down but then it releases a dark Bolt of psionic energy.
I feel the energy and roll beneath it as it passes over me. {F*CK THIS SH!T!} I spin and fire three more shots into it, setting it ablaze and freaking it out. I then proceed to keep running, almost to the jungle.
It holds its eye from where it impacted. Stefan fires 2 round in the same area. I charge my rifle with a soul canister. Then deliver the killing bliw. Then a nova of a black energy passes through us all. We see nothing but darkness as it dies.
{Can anyone see...} *Smack!* I hit a tree face first and fall over onto my @ss. {Nevermind....ow....} I rub my nose.
{I can see. I see darkness... And feel really weird.} I trip over a rock and face plant on the jungle floor.
{All I can see is darkness too. For being a Hybrid, it sure died strangely. I stand up and inch around the tree, only to trip over a log and face plant into the side of a boulder. {F*CK THAT HURT!} I sit up and wait for the darkness to pass.
I do the same. My arms are glowing the same color of my Shade Gheist energy.

"What the fu... Am I the only one glowing?"
I'd closed my eyes and focus. I can feel a, for lack of a better word, entering my body. "No idea. If you can see me, tell me what's going on. I feel...odd, like somethings adding to me."
"Yeah, I feel like..." I make punching motions and a discharge of dark energy hits a tree. It destroys the tree, but, by making it slowly die as if its life just left it... "Whaaaat the feck. I suggest not doing that unless you want to burn the jungle..." I say looking at a firey aura gleaming around him.
I open one eye and notice the aura around me. "Holy sh!t!" I stand up slowly and look myself over. "The hell did that thing do?"

OOC: Really, what did it do?
OOC: what did what do?
The blast of energy, or are you still figuring it out?

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