This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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OOC: The energy of both essences was released when we killed it with certain energies and the realese acted as an amplifier to what we already had in us. So basically terrazine on crack and with our abilities. Characters don't know exactly though, but he has a kind of idea.
Is it permanent? While I can see several uses for it, it can be bad for the environment.
OOC: Somewhat, we'll be stronger, but not this strong.

IC: As I bask in the awesomeness of this moment, I pass out from an overload of power.
I focus the energy down, or try to. I really only succeed in causing a small explosion that knocks me off my feet and into the boulder. "Ow..."
Well... let's say Stefan picked up some sort of medical capabilities and... something else...

I stager over, moaning;
"Ow... that.. hurt."
I manage to get out, only to look down;
"And... can someone explain the white glow coming off my hands?..."
I say, somewhat bewildered.
"I think... I think we 'overloaded' the hybrid and... It's energies amplified our abilities." I say getting up, vision blurred.
I pick myself up, rubbing my back. "Well, whatever happened, the side effects hurt if focused wrong."
"Yeah... Lets keep goin' we're close." I unfold Darkstryker and hold it as I walk.
I pick up the Lancer and follow. "Still odd there isn't any Zerg. I'd have figured it would have help."
"Eh." I climb into the canopy of the jungle to get a good overview. I see the Mutalisks from earlier, flying in a circular pattern around what looks like the compound.

{I see the Muta's from earlier... But... Their not doing anything just flying in a circle around the base...}
{What if it's because of that Kerrigan presence? Maybe that's why.}
{Not sure... Keep movin, I'm gonna go up the hill and get a better view. Its about half a click north of you.}

I slide down the tree and move east to a large hill overlooking the base.
{Roger.} I move up, the Lancer sweeping in front of me to hit any trouble that might pop up. "This is f*cking crazy."
DM: 4 Zerglings spring up from the ground in front of you and ambush you.
Jordan makes sure he has everything. "We going?" He asks Devise.

Cole hugs one of the incoming Zerglings to death.
I leap up, and fire on them, not sure that I really hit anything but sure I'd avoided scythe arms. Landing, I spin around and fire again.
I attach a long silencer barrel attachment to my rifle.
Knew this'd come in handy.
No. I did.
We. Did.
Okay fine. WE. Did.
Shut up...

I hear the gunshots. {That you guys?}
{Zerglings ambushed us.} I kick one away and shoot another, bringing the number down to two. {Nothing too tough.}
{Alright, almost there.}
I follow closely behind Kain, alert for more zerg.

Can I give a description of the base?

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