This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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"I don't know Jordan... I don't know." I couldn't decide what we should do.
I get up to the hill, and sit in a tree. {Holy !@#$...}

The base is on an elevated area, slightly above the rest of the land. It's walls seem still newish, and are in a decagonal shape around it. The base has a central command center, an array of barracks (most are wrecked) are on the west along with an armory. The north lies 4 helipads, one with an air vehicle. The east has a small field hospital and garages and some concrete bunker-like structure. The south is where the bulk of the defenses are, the gate. The who,e base is sprawling with crazy NRMC soldiers. And there are 6 controlling the Mutalisks flying above... {This will be harder than an erect pen!s...}
{That...doesn't sound promising.} It's all I can manage while laughing at his analogy.
{McKenzie... Get Jordan and Devise, we need the APC right now...}
I shake my head;
{They definitely didn't have time to establish a permanent base, because this sure as hell isn't one...}

It's NRMC, not BRMC.
OOC: typo, already fixed.
What are these guys going to be armed with? Standard NRMC gear, scavenged weapons, some experimental stuff, etc?

I was assuming that I'd end up DMing some of this, BTW.
OOC: Somewhat, but only some of the things. Mix of all. Also there is an air vehicle, preferably some form of VTOL.
Standard NRMC gear, scavenged weapons, some experimental stuff

Ow... a mix of all those is going to hurt... And a VTOL aircraft huh?... need to make one...
OOC: You'll see what I meant. ;P
12/17/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Korozain
You'll see what I meant. ;P

Ok...... now I'm kinda worried...

Using the zoom on my HUD, I spot an aircraft;
{Alright... we've got ourselves a.. mark IV vendetta gunship... heavy munitions on the on the wings... and what looks like a nose-mounted.. tribarrel powergun!? I didn't know they actually got powerguns past prototyping!!}

Think your stereotypical sci-fi gunship. Can carry 10 guys in power armor. (to give you a rough idea of the size)
{Alright, Cole, Jordan. Get in position towards the west. That's so far the least 'Defended.' We'll provide some support from up here.}

"That rifle got a silencer?" I say looking at it.
I shake my head;
"Nope, but there's no real muzzle flash either."
"That'll work." I prime the canister and c0ck the action and prepare to fire.
{Where do you need me?}
{Along the west side. DO NOT, go near the gate, about 200 meters in front of you. Go around to the western side of the base and stop when you see a missing section in the wall.}
{Attack the west side of the base, we'll cover you from here.}
{Copy that.} I move to the west, watching for signs of traps or anything. Crazy didn't mean stupid.
Looking over the amassed Bandits, I take stock of their gear...

What are they equipped with?
Scavenged, Unpowered body armor, and Power-armor (like what Stefan's got)

Scavenged, standard NR gear (3 round types, pen, frag and AT explosive) experimental powerguns
I spot the hole and stop, watching the bandits patrol around it. {They've got a couple patrols, and a mounted turret. Not much else.}

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