This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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{Tri-mag or single with a gas feed?}
I ask quickly.
Weapons: Scavenged and Standard Issue NRMC, others with Special NRMC (Heavy assault weapons, snipers, launchers)
Armor: Unpowered, "leaders" Powered (only about 10 throughout the base)
{Good and bad news; they don't have any power guns, but there's a lot of standard NR weaponry, plus a number of heavy-weapon variants...}
{The patrols are carrying a mix of standard and heavy, and the turrets...there's two, one tri-mag and another single with gas. I don't think they were expecting visitors.}
I curse;
{the tri-mag's standard issue, but the single gas-feed is a power gun. From what I've heard about them, it's like a plasma weapon, only pinpoint and fast firing. It'll punch a hole through most armor without any real effort.}
{Let's show these bastards the way, eh?} I load the rifle with the canisters contents and prepare to fire at the heavy targets.
{Great...looks like the gunner is shielded too. Any ideas from my end? I can melt the barrel, but I think we could use it at the base...} I ready a flare blast, intending to blind them all and take out the gunners, then use the guns against them.
......... such an epic base ......... must resist urge to have Oraia take the mutas and rain blood death and destruction upon the NRMC base ............ *smack* resisted ....... sorta ......
They would die, quickly.

{See if you can take control of the power gun. you could probably kill everyone in body armor within a minute if you use that thing.}
{How many of the turrets we want to salvage? It could be potentially lethal} I give the flare a bit more power, intending to permanently blind the men and then end them. I'd interrogate the last of them.
OOC: I'll make an obvious cue for you.

IC: {This is my idea.} I fire the bullet that was sitting in the dark liquid for almost a minute. It fires and not even I see the bullet. I just see a body drop. No blood fountain. No sound. Just a black hole in his temple, and the sound of a dropping corpse.

I fire two more rounds, but the trace is visible. To those looking.
{Take it and unleash hell!}

OOC: This is where you can start ze DM (They still have their training in them)
I know but when they do they would still rain Blood Death and Destruction on the base *evil smile*
@koro i know .....
Oh dear gods... how many of them are there? we might just be royally screwed.
In that area, theres 10 grunts. The rest are on the other sides of the base, not noticing a thing
if i remember correctly only about a dozen mutas ..... or were you asking about something else ?
I unleash the flash and run in, avoiding the patrols and killing the powergun gunner. Mounting it, I make short work of the patrols and then the other gun, leaving the lead patrol men from the outer patrol alive with a missing arm and leg. Dismounting, I approach him. "Where are your prisoners?"
With the flash, the guards fall to the ground screaming in agony.
- - -
The man pined to the ground simply laughs maniacally and spits in your face.

Sorry, was editing.
Now hold on, I killed both patrols in the area.
{More on the way}
I curse and drag the man behind the powergun, readying it for more men. {Need some cover fire!}

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