This Is Their Story: Chapter VI

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DM: His English is nearly inaudible.

"Da PrEEsoniErS auR KapT EEn Da BOOnkaR..."

IC: {I fire shots on ones running with rifles in the air, or firing blindly with one hand. Seeing those as the least strong, but there were a lot.
The guard struggles, attempting to reach something in his armor.

{On it! I'll wait for'm to group up and hit them with something explosive!}
One of the leaders emerges with a squad of soldiers with unpowered armor, and standard issue rifles, (one with a powerful shotgun)
I stomp on his other hand, then level the barrel of my Lancer with his face and pull the trigger, killing him. {Stefan, what would be in his armor that he'd be attempting to reach?} I look around and spot the bunkers, with more men coming from them. Great... I open fire, taking out as many as possible. I then spot the leader. {Leader caste just emerged. Capture or eliminate?}
{Eliminate soldiers, incapacitate leader, his armor is powered and he has what looks like a Captain rank. Most likely their CO.}
{Roger.} I fire at his leg, tearing it off, then turn the gun on the soldiers, tearing them apart quickly and easily. {Stefan, we're taking this home.}
The power gun lets loose a stream of cyan bolts that burn through their armor and cauterizes perfect 2cm holes through them.

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{Stefan, what would be in his armor that he'd be attempting to reach?}

{Probably a handgun...}
I say putting an explosive round into a large group, spreading confusion.

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{Stefan, we're taking this home.}

{I will admit, it's god damn destructive, that's for sure...}
I keep up the rate of fire, careful to avoid the CO, but take out his shotgun. {In his suit? That doesn't feel right.}
DM: Seeing that SF keeps forgetting about this...
Cole unsheathes his Bardiche and rams into the confused groups and mauls the stragglers.

{I'm going down.} I fade and unholster Fear and Stryker.
Th PG shots damage his armor but fail to full burn through it. With a dive he ducks behind the edge of a building and pulls out a rifle similar to Stefan's and takes aim at Jared.

{Perhaps a knife of hand comm then. Just a guess.}
I say, continuing to rain death down on the Bandits.
I spot the rifle and roll to one side, the Lancer firing fire charged rounds out him and knocking him over. {I'm gonna need something bigger for the CO...}
{I got him, just get the shotgunner.}

I kill an emerging group, lead by a soldier.
The charged rounds send him staggering backwards. Reeling, he takes aim and opens fire with a spray of penetrator rounds.
I vanish into the earth and come back up behind him. Talk about instinct... I kick him in the back, knocking him over, then freeze his armor so he can't move. {CO secured. Where to next?}
A power-armored Bandit steps out from around a corner and takes aim at Jared with a mini-gun.
{Bunker, Stefan. Get down here, Cole's giving us a big enough distraction. Someone's in there and we need to find out who or what it is.}

The mutalisks come swooping down and start firing Glave Wurms at us, and we are being suppressed by the Mini-Gunner.

I curse and dive out of the direct line of site, coming up and throwing a fireball in his face, singing his retinas. {Hurry up!}
I pop up take aim and fire. An explosive round sends the Mini-gunner backwards into a damaged wall, bringing it down on top of him. With one threat down, I jet down towards the base, potshotting at the mutas.
I make it to the Bunker and start firing on the Mutalisks. I take 2 out, and clip ones wing, but the rest turn and return to their masters.
"What are we going to do about those beast masters?" I'd figured there was nothing better to call them.

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