Shut up, or Cuffed up RP

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Shut up, or Cuffed up

It was early morning in Korhal City. Just before the sun comes up, those with paper subscriptions get theirs delivered. A man in a trench coat walks down the street. It was cold during the hours the sun was down, and his breath could be seen. He was walking down a street, lined on both edges by large and fine houses, with large lots. He stops in front of a particular house, and stood at the gate, there he waits. It was not long until the paper speeder came by, and he turns. He acts like he’s unlocking the gate. Once the speeder was close enough he raises his hand, and the paper is thrown at his feet. He bends down to pick it up. The man pulls the paper out of its sleeve and combs through it. upon finding a specific add for a barber shop, the man takes the page, then replaces it with a similar, but different add. He crumples up the old add and stuffs it in his pocket, he then put it back in its sleeve, and threw the paper to its usual spot over the fence.

The man walks away, and takes his gloves off. He searches the inside of his coat, and pulls out a radio.

“I've planted the add, boss, everything ready down there?”

-5 Hours later-

43 year old Trent Benson exits his house, all ready for the day. He picks up his paper, and heads to his garage. The butler is standing there, waiting, and opens the door for Trent.

“Going somewhere sir?”


Trent pulls out the paper, and looks for a barber shop add, he finds the planted add, and shows it to the butler.

“It’s been a month, I’m going there.”


2 months after char is taken by the Raiders. There is political unrest, and much of the police forces are occupied by citizen uproar over the recording that the Raiders played. Organized crime on Korhal is busy.

Korhal police, or member of the King Pin's crime organization:
Back story:
Weapon: (make it reasonable)
Skill set: (cleans up dead bodies, does the killing, investigates crime, etc...)
Hmmmmm.....I'll have to think carefully on whether or not I do this one...I had a similar RP die on me once already.
This one won't be long. It's but a simple RP.
"He's here, he's pulling in, 2&3 go!"

Trent and his butler stepped out of the car, and began to walk to the barber shop. It seemed nice, and must have been new. It was basically a well refurbished warehouse near the end of the up city section of Korhal. As Trent stepped on the sidewalk, he was bumped by a man, who spilled his drink all over Trent's jacket. The man stepped back, and looked over the damage.

"Oh my! I'm sorry sir, I really am!"

In a somewhat angered voice

"Do'h, it's alright, what was that?"

"Oh, um, bad news, that was black cherry tea."

Trent looked in dismay at his jacket, another man walked by and noticed.

"Spill huh? That looks bad...Hey! I know a place, get that jacket over to Gregory's Wash, they specialize in stains."

Trent's Butler took the jacket.

"Yes, I've been there, Sir, I'll have your jacket taken care of, I'll be back to pick you up."

Trent looked at his poor jacket, then scratched his hairy head.

"Alright, get that stain off, and don't be late on the way back here.

"It will be as good as new sir."

After the butler headed to his car, the man with the now empty cup apologized again, and him, and the other man went their ways. Trent continued to the barber shop. A man was looking out it's window, and went past the pain before Trent entered.

"7, your cutting the mans, hair." Then on a radio "6, the Butlers on his way, take a nap in front of him."

Trent entered the barber shop. It even smelled new. A man approached Trent.

"Good afternoon sir! We've got 1 last seat, your in luck."

Trend stepped past the entry desk, and into the heart of the establishment. The man directed him to a chair, and Trent sat down. He looked around, there were other men getting cuts, or having their hair treated. This place seemed nice.

"What is your name barber?"

"Mr. Smith sir, what cut would you be liking?"

"Just an all round trim, Mr.Smith."

Mr.Smith nodded, and went behind Trent with the haircut cover. Mr.Smith gave a signal with his hand, and 2 men began to shut the blinds. Trent looked at the now covered windows, but he was not so concerned.

"The light, it get's in my eyes sir."

"Call me Trent."

"Yes, Trent."

Mr.Smith put the hair cover over Trent and began to tie it.


After Mr.Smith said that, a man walked up and gagged Trent with a large rag. Smith was behind Trent with the cover string, and tightened it up, strangling Trent. Another man blew lightly on a whistle, and everyone in the other chairs sprang up, and began to pile up furniture, lights, the carpet rugs, everything. Trent struggled, but as his life left him, he lay limp in his chair. Mr.Smith checked his pulse, then looked at the man with the gag.

"Dead, put the body in the bag."

Trent's body was soon in a plastic bag, then he was loaded into a crate. Everyone began to take the tings they had gathered up through the back door, where a cargo truck was waiting. Soon everything was loaded, and the man with the radio stood at the back door. He double checked the room, then push the button on the radio.

"Was the butler delayed?"

The man on the other side responded

"Aye, I've just woke up, and pulled out into traffic, he's got at least 15 minutes before he get's back, everything clean?"

"Yes, all clean, I'm about to take care of DNA and finger prints."

A few men came up through the back door, with brooms, wipes, and spray.

"We only need 5 of those minutes. Good job."
Name: ?? (Codename: Knight)
Korhal police, or member of the King Pin's crime organization: Crime syndicate.
Age: ??
Description: Black cloak, Black gas mask with an orange visor, Black and dark violet boots, black armor on legs, dark violet and black armor covering the rest.
Back story: ????
Weapon: Katana, Sniper Rifle, Misc.
Skill set: Killer.
Name: Eric "the cold-blooded"
Side: Criminal
Age: 33
Description: 5' 9" / lithe / well worn blue gray suit / pale skin / short, dirty blond hair / ice blue eyes
Backstory: A quiet and withdrawn stone-cold killer. The few morals that he has, are as uknown as they are unbreakable, much to the chagrin of more than one former employer. Despite this, he is considered a valuable asset to whoever ends up hiring him.
Weapon: 45 semi-auto handgun / 6" butterfly knife / 2 shot concealed pistol
Skill set: Killer, enforcer, etc...
Name: Eric "the cold-blooded"
Ha ha. very funny...
Still, "the cold-blooded though" :P
The second part of the intro is done.
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