Fade: The Rise

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The mighty king strokes his beard, watching over Bation from the castle tower.

It was a large city, sitting on the coastline, giant structures made of gears constantly producing goods. Airships filled the sky, nearly blocking out the sun. People busied themselves in the street, enjoying the celebration.

The king's bodyguard, Ki, was besides him. He was a mysterious man, always blocking his face with a metal mask.

"My lord. Why aren't you enjoying the celebration?"

"It is a grim day for me. You know why."

Ki walks over to a window, opening it. It was beginning to be quite hot in the room.

"You must not let such things bother you today, Uther. Your family is waiting in the court yard."

Ki waves at the royal family below. He had promised to get Uther involved in this celebration.

"I wish I could stop bothering myself with such things, as it is the Shore Festival. But is a grave matter. It's something I can't let go."

The king turns around, looking at Ki.

"Get an assembly prepared for tomorrow at noon. And bring your pupil with you, he needs to be there as well."

As the king passes by, Ki bows.

"As you wish."

Ki watches the king leave, heading to meet his family. He does a quiet chuckle, as he was quite pleased. His pupil was going to be involved in politics at last.


At this point, the RP has started. Have fun!

P.S. I will post the "intro" tomorrow, if I can. All I will post tonight is some dialogue.
It's going to be hard typing the entire thing on a phone.
So... Am I accepted or are you still going over it?
Yep, you're accepted. I don't have any problems with the character.
By the way, what type of season is it right now?

IC: I had awoken once more, the slight pain that I had every time now because of the poison, it was working it's way slowly, for I was holding it at bay. The mark on my face a clear reminder on who I am, and what I was branded as. It would never come off until my death, such an interesting death... Sooner or later is the question though?

The fireplace ever so brightly with fruit wood chips in there for the wonderful smell, for I preferred this over a candle.
Sahna sat at her little campfire, on the bank of the river next to which she'd camped for a few days now. She needed rest, and this was the perfect place. A river, from which she could eat, fish, and bath, plenty of wildlife from which she could hunt, and wonderful scenery all around. She was currently cooking some salmon she'd caught then cleaned.


As it was simmering, making noises that could only be described by Sahna as delicious, she heard a stick breaking in the forest. A quick glance revealed a humanoid figure, and she took her attention away from her breakfast for a moment as she stepped into her armor, which, along with her bow, had been the only thing she'd brought with.

"Who's there?" She called. She'd been growing more savage she thought, and planned to leave soon, but first needed some more strength, as she had little chance of finding civilization soon. She remembered old civilized life, which, while it had disadvantages, was much better than this life of hunting any animal, drinking any water, and doing anything needed to survive.
It is currently the official start of the summer season.

Bastion is currently the only city available to you for now, as I haven't done the intro yet.
Ah okay, I'm going to make it where she went there for a business trip to order some supplies to take back with her. And now may the odds may forever be in your favor...

IC: I was in an inn of the city of gears, what a different place compared to my home... This place of Bastion though is where I would be gathering for my supplies today. Wearing a fresh set of clothes and applying some makeup that matched my skin color, I had to make sure the mark was hidden before I went and ventured out into the streets. I heard there was an assembly today of some sort.
I crested the hill top and looked over the valley ahead. The pub owner had made sure to triple check his sources for me, and now I'd finally found it, the Dragon's Hollow. Once home to the great and noble dragons, and now a place of remembrance after the R Virus. "So sad..." I muttered to myself as I walked down the hill into the valley. This would be a sobering experience.
OOC: Ummm....Well, sorry, but I can't be there, can I just keep my post as is?
Sure, no harm in that.
The makeup ran out, only a thin line of the brown mark was left... I would be okay for now, they wouldn't recognize it so fast... Would they? After reading up, I walked down a flight of stairs and dropped down next to the owner of the bar, it was somewhat morning still and I was famished. A sound rang to the owners ears as a couple of coins hit the wood. "I would love something to eat? Preferably something without meat."
Reaching the bottom of the hill, I stop and pay homage to the statues of each great dragon. This place had been hit the worse, with not even eggs surviving. "Such a waste. Why must we mortals be so damned fickle?" I proceed on, not yet noticing the bandits who were hiding among the rocks, watching me move.
No voice answers, but Sahna heard more rustling. Suddenly, five bandits spring from the trees, charging toward her. She'd heard from the man-bandits would do to those they captured, and so wasn't about to lose this fight. She loosed an arrow, which found the heart of one of the five, and the rest charged angrily upon her, and she started to run while stringing another arrow.
A bowl of porridge was given to me, the texture was like glue to my tongue, rancid was the taste. But it was decent for being from the poor district. The was when I felt a draft come in, feeling the tired souls and minds of two guards that walked in and sat down. As long as I didn't attract to much attention, I should be fine.
The door at the bar opened, revealing the figure opening the door. It was Ki, the king's personal bodyguard.

He slowly walked up to the counter, placing a stack of coins on the counter.

"I would like some ale, preferably South Style brew, please."

As the owner went to get his order, he looked over to the person besides him (CR).

"You don't look like you're around from here. Where are you from?"
I waited until I had one more bite of the porridge before I said anything to the man, the last bite was soured to my taste, bitter against everything. Now I just had to be calm. "I'm not around here... You are correct, I was actually raised somewhat South of here, then I lived for a few years at this one community out in the Northeast.

I'm actually here to order some supplies that we are running low on... The normal things like feed and so on."
Late in the night, an inn in the city of Bastion was gifted the sight of a tall man shrouded in a leather coat and fedora closely followed by a golem in the shape of a human female that carried itself in a manner that hinted at a hidden intellect behind it's seemingly monotonous stride.
The man walked up to the counter and curtly ordered a room, seemingly unaware of the rare sight that was the king's personal bodyguard as he gave the appropriate amount of coins, then walked to his designated room to stay for tonight, the golem following close behind.
As I reach the river, I sink yet another arrow into the chest of an enemy. As I string then loose a third, yet another of the bandits fall. However, the remaining two are rapidly approaching, and I drop my bow and pull out my knife.
The bartender returned with the ale, carefully placing it in front of Ki.

"Thank you!"

Ki picks it up, taking a seat besides this person.

"Really? Well, for myself I'm heading out to pay my respects to some important people."

He then slides the mug over to the person.

"You might want to drink something. I'm going to have to ask you some questions. Don't worry, it's more like an "interview"."
I smiled under my hood, then sliding the mug back over with one hand. "No thank you... But I'll have water instead, for I wasn't really a big fan of drinking and I'm only 17."

The bartender brought me a water and I took a gentle, but firm sip from it. "Now...What questions?"

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