Fade: The Rise

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"And...I can go with as well, in case you don't feel safe with just him." I say, trying to reassure the girl.
The headache had finally stopped after I applied a little bit of Es to stop the aching. My attention was turned to all of them. "I'm sorry, but he only does something for a good cause, and bringing in something that hasn't even hurt a fly... That wont cut it. And I'll be fine, I don't need reassuring. In fact I tried to help the Dragon."
"Regardless of morals, you're wanted. And once he realizes that, he'll turn you in. I've seen it happen before." I holster the weapon and return to helping Arcis. "Go with the Watcher at your own risk. I'm helping my friend." I glance over at Sahna. "How are you feeling?"
"I'll go with whoever I need to in order to get out. Can't believe I'm trusting a complete stranger who pointed a gun to my head, but no... I guess that's normal. And if you are saying I can't trust him, then I can't trust you." If only I can get to the outside, then I can grab my Gailye and head for the mountains.
{Hopefully we will meet again and you can do what you offered} I say as I reach a paw out to her.
"I told you, I tried the nice approach. Sorry if you were a little b!tch." I stood up and left the room through the window, climbing up to the roofs and heading off in a random direction. My temper was getting the better of me and it was showing. So, I did the one thing that calmed me down. I trained.
"I'm still sorry that I'm not going to act like the way they want me to." I saw him run off through the window. Feeling the paw. "And he wouldn't appreciate me helping now because of this probably."
I turn to the girl.

"I'm sorry....you can stay in here, I promise I'll keep you safe for now." I say reassuringly.
{Maybe but i still think you can help. He isnt that bad once you get to know him a bit better, but nobody is perfect.} I say obviously fighting to stay awake right now.
"Well, my room is right over there. So in reality, it doesn't even matter. Once I return home, I don't really have to see any of you again, not trying to be mean. And I might continue what I promised and help this young thing."
"Well, he was right. People are looking for you, and it's best you stay in here for now. You never know what can happen. And I assure you that he's a nice fellow...he saved me just a little while ago from some bandits. You should take him up on his offer."
I back flip over another gap, landing and spinning, firing my revolvers at one of the targets I'd first set up when I'd first arrived in Bastion three years ago. Through my link, I could still hear the conversation. I kept my thoughts to myself for now though. She...why did I even bother? She is clearly too stubborn or stupid to understand the risk she's taking going with a Watcher. What happens when he's over run by the swarm of bounty hunters that'll come after her? I curse to myself and continue the route, firing into another target without stopping. All Arcis could feel through our link was frustration.
I was watching the window, maybe he was right, and maybe he was wrong at the same time? "Either way, you can't hide me, they will likely have my description and the Watcher is my one only true hope... And he may be nice, but let this be a warning to you. No matter how noble and honorable a human is, there will always be a dark side to them."
"I'll watch out for that. And I do not wish to hold you here for long, just until we can be sure that you make it out safe. People want you captured, and I don't think you deserve that, not by a long shot. So please, just stay here until we can figure out a way to get you home?"
{If I werent so damn tired maybe I could hide that but healing you ...... took so much energy i need to sleep through the night.}

Why are you so frustrated? I ask Jason through our link.
Tyson prepares himself putting his bag back over his shoulder. He watches the sun dip down over the horizon and cloaks himself. He exits the inn and climbs up the building. He draws his bow, the marks on his hands glow bright as he was focusing Es into his arrow.
That bloody girl. I know I may be human, but we aren't all f*cking evil behind a mask of good. If I'd wanted to turn her in, I would have done it in the common room. If I'd wanted to hurt her, I'd have done it when we found you two passed out. I can't grasp why one bad human can be used as the template for us all! I fire another volley, clearing the roof in one go and I keep moving, leaping over yet another gap, rolling and coming up and shooting two Es rounds through the wooden targets that I'd charged to repair the holes I caused. The frustration was lessening, but was still strong.
I understand somewhat. I say sending what calm I can. The need to sleep unfortunately seems to pervade most of my thoughts by this time though.
I sigh and take a moment to check my location. I was directly across from the inn. Get some rest. I'll be back soon. Just...don't let her leave. She's in more danger then she rea- It was then that I notice the city guards, holding a picture of our guest. Mother-Have Sahna get her out of there. The guards are looking for her.
I relay the message the Sahna but I am too tired to leave so I just curl back up and fall asleep again.

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