Fade: The Rise

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One of the bandits spit at the ground and grinned a toothy grin. He seemed to think that this one would be easy. I never was sure why bandits always thought they could win just because there were more of them. Suddenly around ten bandits leap out at me, and that's when I spring into action.

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As the first one turns on me with his old shotgun, I drop my gear and flip over him, drawing the Blood Takers and opening fire. He's down in three shots. Landing behind the body, I spin and block a slash from the next bandit's sword with one of the revolvers, bringing my knee up to his gut and a pistol whip to the back of his neck, knocking him unconscious. Another pulled out an old assault rifle and aimed it at me, pulling the trigger and letting the hail of bullets fly. I sprint to the left, activating the berserker mode of my armor, speeding up. Gaining vertical access on a tree trunk I back flip off it, firing three shots from the revolvers into the bandits chest. He falls dead and I land on another. At this point they'd all switched to one melee weapon or another, ranging from swords to polearms to axes. One wielding a spear lunges at me and I spin around the thrust, letting the spear tip dig into his friend, who was starting to stand up, and froze as his friends spear went through his heart. I put a single shot into the spear holders head. At this point, the other bandits were questioning how wise it would be to continue, then all charge at once. I leap up, shooting one in the head, bringing the number down to four, and land behind the remaining ones. One with an axe, another with a broad sword, another with a cutlass, and the last pulling out an old .45 caliber revolver. I move like I was going for the one with the axe first, but instead flip over the round from the .45 and land behind the group again, killing the two swords men with Es rounds to the head. As the one with the axe turns, I disarm him and shoot out one of his knees, letting him fall to the ground screaming. Now it was only the one with the revolver. As he raises his pistol, I fire a round up the barrel and cause it to explode, vaporizing his hand and part of his head. The one I'd knocked unconscious finally comes to a few minutes after it's all finished. I'm picking up my belongings and the one with a destroyed knee is now only whimpering in pain. I look at him. "Pick up your friend and spread the word. I find out anymore of you filth is in this valley, you're dead." He nods fervently, helping his friend up and they vanish back into the trees. Sighing, I resume my trek to the cave I was destined for.
He slowly takes the mug back, not speaking until it was in both of his hands.

"I have to ask, for security reasons, what's with the calm act? Are you trying to hide something from me?"

He stops, and looks at you.

"You know, it's hard to be unnoticed if you keep trying to hide your face. Take me for example, with this mask on, it's difficult to keep people from noticing."
Another sip of water was needed, it was refreshing, my lips wet. "The hood is more for warmth than anything else... Where I'm from the winters are brutal, but I was also never the one to transition very well between the seasons... As for the calm? Why should I be nervous when there is nothing to be nervous about? I might as well be calm and speak with a clear and understandable voice."
As the first of the two bandits approach, I go to swipe at him with my knife, but he beats it off with his sword. Suddenly, three more bandits appear behind me, and knock me to the ground. One of them has a rope, and he ties me up while the rest ransack my stuff.

"You're going to have to pay for our friends." Sahna's guard says. I realize what they're likely to do, and I scream in a fit of rage, and begin swearing at myself and the bandits.
I catch the sound of screaming and stop, listening to discern the direction. Finding it, I quickly hide my belongings and sprint towards it, coming out near the river with several bandits tying up a Phos. I draw my Blood Takers. "You scum have three seconds to release the lady. Then I'll consider letting you live with only one shattered knee."
Sahna stares at the man in amazement, and wonder where he came from, and then, stupid as it seems, she wondered why the bandits had been there. She snapped out of it though, and looked at the man who would hopefully be her savior.

"Heh, and you're going to stop us?" Asked the bandit mockingly, "I'd like to see you try."
now would be an epic moment for a dragon to appear behind Jason (i think that is his name)
Careful to close the door behind me as Samantha walks in, I set down my bag and toolbox down onto a table as Samantha sits down on a chair on the other side of it and dismantles her shotgun, pulling out her cleaning kit as she did so. While I was more than capable of maintaining our weapons, Samantha always liked to be self-sufficient, believing reliance on others was merely a crutch that she was better off without.

"So why are we here again?" she asks me in an annoyed tone as she wipes the shotgun barrel clean of dirt and grime. She never really liked the hustle and bustle of metropolians like Bastion, especially after what happened with a local gang. Even if she did slaughter every last one of them, whatever she had found in their hideout had forever tainted her view of the city life. Of course, back then we had only ever really seen the slums of the big cities we had passed through, but the things you find down there can scar you for life.

"Because we're low on supplies and food and, frankly, I've gone too long since I last slept on a proper bed." I reply, pulling out half a loaf of bread from the bag and taking a bite out of it.

"Hmmph. Give me a pile of hay and a leather pelt to sleep on any day and I'll be just fine."

"That's because you don't have the senses to fully appreciate a nice fluffy mattress to fall in after a whole day of working in the workshop."

She merely grunts in amusement as she reassembles her shotgun and sets it down on the table.

"Hey, I'm going to get something to eat, you want to come with?"

"Do I look like I have need of such things?"

"I'll take that as I no. Make yourself comfortable, we're going to be crashing here for a few days."

I walk out the door as I place my fedora back on my head and walk over to the counter, taking a moment to look at the menu before settling on a chicken stew. I take a sip, then notice the company with which I sat with. Namely, the company of a bodyguard of the king himself. I can't help but widen my eyes in surprise before doing my best to keep the air of nonchalance that I had emitted before having realized just who I was sitting next to.
The berserk mode activates again, and I level my guns with the bandits. "I warned you." I sprint forward, closing the distance quickly and slamming my knee into the man who had spoken's stomach, sending him into a tree. I then spin and level my revolvers with two more, pulling the triggers. The rounds slam into their chests, killing them instantly. I round on the remaining three, the leader picking himself up. "Care to try again?"
The three bandits retreat, running as fast as they can the scene and into the forest.

Sahna looks on in amazement once more at this man, who suddenly showed up and fought off many times his number in bandits.
I chuckle and untie the Phos, offering my hand to help her up, the berserker mode deactivating. "You alright?"

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i know zarkun and i am being patient *formulating plans cause im just evil like that*
She gets up, dusting my armor off.

"Thanks to you, what is your name, human?"
"Jason." I look around, watching for more bandits. "Out of curiosity, do you know where you are?"
"No...I do not, I've been traveling about, just trying to survive lately...why?"
I start chuckling, then end in a deep throaty laugh. "You, my dear Phos, are in the Dragon's Hollow. The once magnificent home of the dragons, now a graveyard to their remains."
"Interesting indeed." I look away for a moment, and then look once more at the human who had just saved me.

"If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing here?"
"I've come to pay my respects and learn what I can of their history. But, now I'm not sure how much of their great library is left if there are bandits here."
I look at him closely.

"Well, if you're going to try to find a library, I'm going to help you. Least I can do.." I look deeply at him then.

"Say...do you think, that after you find this library, that you can take me back...to civilization? I've missed it for so long."
I nod. "After I was done here, I was going to Bastion, so why not." I lead the way back to my belongings and pick them up, resuming my walk along the path the Cave of Truth.

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