Fade: The Rise

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I run up as he makes the offer. "No deal. That gate is crowded full. Even if the guards miss the mark, you'd be wanted for trampling innocents."
"What else can we do? They'll get out of the way, I'm sure."
"That's why you create a small distraction, aka diversion that will scare the crod away from the streets as the horses come flying through. They'll get out of the way, for they are to scared and cowardly to stay." He hinted to them that he did this before.
"And you want me to create this diversion?" I ask, sighing.

"Okay, I'll do it."
Matthew stopped her for a second. "You don't have to do that, you already said that you will help to keep the gate open. But once they see a horse charging through... I can bet to you that they'll get out the way."
"Well, alright." And as I say this, I run off towards the gate.
"You think they're more afraid of a horse running at them then the R Virus? Where have you been in the last millenium? Why do you think they're scrambling to get out?"
Matthew had set me down onto the hard smooth surface of the handcrafted wood planks of the wagon/carriage. "I'm sorry... I know what I'm doing. I've heard about the damage the virus had done, but do you really believe that they are really going to stay there as they get run down? No! They would rather save their own skin first. And I haven't been alive in the last millennium. I'm not that old. Only 18."
I go up on to a small platform. I make a gesture at Matthew and the others to get ready. Because I had a plan.
"Death would be welcome to most of these people! That way they're too decayed for the virus to use." I shake my head and maneuver towards the crowd and watch Sahna. Don't be foolish...
"Hear ye, hear ye! People of this town, make way for the king!" I say, as I gesture for the wagon to move.
Matthew tucked me in, as he jumped onto the front he yelled, "Hiya!" The horses reared up and picked up speed quickly.
I shake my head. "Yeah, they'll totally buy that with the guards in their midst..." I mutter. One of the guards laughs and keeps looking. The people ignore Sahna and keep trying to get out. "Told you..."
With a small crack of the reins, the horses were fast now. Picking up speed as they charged right for the crowd. That was when one of them spotted the horses. The man was screaming at the top of his lungs. "GET OUT OF THE WAY!"

Matthew wouldn't stop for anything, the citizens on the other hand were nervous, they wanted to live and save their own hide.
I see what's going on, and quickly step off the platform, and near the road. Not to the point where I'd get run over, but where I wouldn't get trampled by the fleeing crowd.
That was when the crowd took cover and jumped out of the way, the guards scrambled to reach for the gate controls, the gate slid shut. But that wouldn't stop Matthew, he used his entire Es energy. Tiring him out until he couldn't function almost. Creating a shield right in front of the horses while they smashed into the gate. Making a hole into it.

The next part of the play, written by Matthew...

The poor started to pour out of the city as the guards couldn't contain them.
As the carriage went, I climbed the wall swiftly, throwing a small ball of Es energy into a nearby hut, empty of course. It soon exploded, catching the guards attention, I leaped off the other side, catching myself halfway down and then descending the rest of the way. Now we just had to wait on Sahna, and then we would go investigate this mess.
I go to quickly leave, but soon find the guards looking for me and the people crowding the exit. I hear an explosion behind me, which preoccupies the guards, and begin climbing a nearby wall. I make it over, and a guard tries to stop me. I block him out with a shield, and climb down the wall quickly, and run to the carriage.
Tyson watches as the woman escapes. He cloaks and heads to the wall. He throws a grapple up from a roof top and climbs to the top. He quickly looks for a way down. Well, sh!t.
I watch Sahna climb in and sigh. Running over, I look at the driver. "One wrong move, and I'll spare you prison." Climbing in, I watch the poor run, attempting to avoid the fate of those already in the Deadlands.

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