Fade: The Rise

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Clucath finds himself looking at the Human capital.


The city is marvelous to behold for a Namas who has never met a human or seen their dwellings. He walks cautiously towards the city, nervous.
Matthew watched as the Phos hopped on. "Is your hostile friend going to join us?" He asked, he knew he couldn't wait forever and if he didn't arrive... He was going to leave.
"He isn't hostile, and he'll be here shortly...I think. At least we made it out...though it was sloppy."
That was when he noticed the man. "Yack, yack.... Whatever. Could be worse, and they wouldn't send us to prison... They would send us back to gather the material... I've said to much." I motioned for the horses to move as he laid back, reins in hand.
The air shimmers, and I decloak in sight, leaning on the carriage, my hood down.
"You know, you guys make a lot of noise." I say, and smile.
"So, where are we going to now?" I say, oblivious to the suddenly appearing woman at the moment.
Matthew looked up, he was laying down after all... "I don't believe you are a part of my play? You sure do know some interestin' people darlin'." As he talked to my sleeping body.
Clucath walks up to the gates of the city.
I almost draw my Blood Takers as the Watcher appears. "How in the hell does...you know what? Never mind." Feeling better Arcis?
I smile, and say "Speak. Ask questions, otherwise what you don't know will haunt you later."
I notice the girl now. I look at her in surprise and draw a bow.

"Who are you?"
Matthew was about ready to kick the lot of them off his ride. "You either quit fightin' before it happens... Or I'm kicking off y'all early.As to you girl... I ain't tellin' nothing."
Tyson sees a way down. He has is bow drawn and an arrow on the string. Utilizing the elemental power of air in his Es he jumps down and fires the arrow. It created a weak whirlwind that stopped Tyson from hitting the ground in a lethal force and throws him across the ground, painful, but not lethal. The whirlwind dissipates and he retrieves the arrow.
I quickly put the bow back into a holder on my back.

I shake my head. "Nope, don't wanna know how busy this girl was before the guards found out."
Matthew was feeling overwhelmed by all of this... Was this the party Carriage? "Once we reach a town, all of y'all are getting off, then we'll be able to reach our home without any problems."
I start to get angry, and once more I'm reminded of my ribs, which might have been broken.

"I'm...me and Jason aren't doing anything. Don't...treat us like...bandits..or.." I pause, and the pain in my sides is suddenly more than ever. I lay down on the bottom of the carriage.

"Damn me....for.....falling like that."
I rest a hand on Sahna. "Rest. You'll need time to heal. As for you, we'll get off soon enough, just ignore us."
Tyson begins his journey back to the road and sees the carriage. He scoffs and sets up an arrow in the ground to destroy one wheel, whilst being undetectable before moving on.
"I just thought....what...if the guards...in the city at-....attack us?"

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