Fade: The Rise

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Matthew sighed. "Okay, I'm sorry. But I'm not allowed to bring in outsides and we really don't know if you'll just turn us in once you gain our trust... It has happened in the past... And we are going to have a-" The Carriage hit the arrow and the front left tire fell off, the horses screeching to a stop. Matthew fell off the Carriage.
"They won't. We'll come in with a crowd. You were the only one really seen." I feel the energy of the Es in the ground a moment too late and hit the side of the carriage as it stops. "Damn it all, what now?"
The shock makes me jolt, and my chest feels as though it's bursting with pain. I let out a yelp, but try to keep it as quiet as possible.

Tyson smiles as he hears the yell. He didn't like people being too close behind him. He sets up the same type of trap on the other side of the road, where the right tire would be, just in case they were able to move again and starts jogging down the road.
I felt the familiar Es of the male Watcher and fire a shot after him. "You cowardly bastard!" Three more Es rounds ring out and I turn to Sahna. "You alright?"
The force of the stop made me wake up, but that wasn't the half of it. My body slammed into the side of the wooden Carriage, making it tip just slightly before landing back down. My head took most of the damage, a crack at the surface appeared as I started to bleed. One hand resting on it, energy healing the wound as I moaned with pain.

Matthew struggled to get up, where the wheel was, was now where his leg was pinned down. From when he was thrown off he had managed to get under the Carriage. He was screaming in pain as it dug into his leg.
The landing makes me yelp out again.

"Go...help...the others!" I only just manage to tell him with a sense of urgency.
I curse and climb out, lifting the wagon up with one arm and pulling the man out quickly with the other before having to let it down again. I could only hold it up so long. Making sure nothing was broken, I head back to Sahna. "That bastard. I know who did it."
I sigh.

"What...about the...girl?" I say, before passing out momentarily from the pain.
I re-appear again (Damn it, ninjas.) and watch the person leave. I turn to Jason and say "I'll heal them. Can you track that guy down, or you want me to instead?"
I check her and notice the wound, but notice that she's healing it as well. I turn back to Sahna, shaking her gently awake. "The girl is fine. You're probably hurt the worst." I then look at the Watcher. "I can track him. I'm no good at healing." I then take off after the man, ensuring that I was ready for a fight. Of course, he was a Watcher, so who knew what he was willing to do.
Matthew's leg wasn't broken, but it had fractured it pretty bad, and luckily it wasn't bleeding to bad. "Is she awake!? I need her to heal my wounds!"
"Doubtful, my chest.....it just...hurts...a little." I say, managing a weak smile.

"We..should probably get to...that town."
That was when I heard faint footsteps running against the ground, looking up I peered into the distance and there were guards on horses. I had to do something, save myself and Matthew? Or save myself and Sahne?

Mattew was having a hard time walking.
I stop and see the guards coming from behind us. "Why now, damnit?" I run towards the wagon, helping up Matthew and then Sahna and the girl the best I can. "This is crazy...How well can you two walk?"
I saw them approaching and without waiting to answer the question, I jumped onto the straddle-less Gailye. "I'm sorry, but we aren't walking. Don't even bother confronting them, just run."

Matthew did the same, climbing onto Vyra who didn't have a straddle as well. "I can worry about my leg later... Just go and hopefully we wont have to see each other again."
I look at them.

"Well...what..now?" I ask Jason weakly.
Matthew and I did last minute swaps on the horses. He would be using Gailye and I would be using Vyra. "Have fun, we might see you again." With a 'Hiya!' they both took off, I was near the right side of the road while Matthew was on the left side.
"We vanish and keep moving. We need to reach Rotport."
"Aw hell. You may as....well leave.... me, I'll slow you... down and we'll.....both get caught." I say, gesturing to the guards in the distance

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